About the Marathon

  1. What is the Mumbai Marathon?

The Mumbai Marathon, is amongst the top ten marathons in the world. The event is not only a platform to test an individual's athletic excellence but also a unique fund raising event for charity. In the last fourteen years of existence, it has assumed a stature of eminence, being the single largest philanthropic sporting event in India.

  1. How is this event connected with charity?

The Mumbai Marathon has assumed a stature of eminence, being the largest single charity and philanthropic sporting event in India. Each year, more than 250 NGOs participate in the event and raise funds for their respective organizations. Many participants use the event as a reason to give back to their society and the less privileged. The charity aspect is well regulated and hence serves as an assurance to prospective donors.

  1. What is the role of Official Charity Partner - United Way Mumbai?

United Way Mumbai is the Charity Partner for the Mumbai Marathon since 2009. The Charity Partner serves as a Philanthropy Exchange for various charities and non-profits. All donations pass through the charity partner and then to the respective NGOs bringing in accountability and transparency in the system. 

  1. How do I participate in the Tata Mumbai Marathon?

    • For general participation and registration please contact Procam at 022 42020200 or email them at 
    • UWM handles the charity aspect of the Tata Mumbai Marathon. In order to run for charity, an individual must get a Charity Bib from any registered NGO of their choice. Each of these charities/NGOs has a certain number of Bibs through which they are trying to raise funds for their causes.The list of these registered NGOs will be available on our website:
    • The contact details of the NGO and the number of Charity Bibs available with them will be listed on their page
    • You can also get a Bib by creating your own Fundraising page and raise funds for the NGO of your choice
  1. What is the NGO Privilege Level?
The NGO Privilege Level indicates the level of involvement of NGOs in Tata Mumbai Marathon. It is not a ranking of the NGO's work on projects. The Charity Structure mentions a list of indicators which are equivalent to points and decide what Privilege Level an NGO has reached.

There are 3 Privilege Levels and upon reaching these, NGOs are eligible to several benefits ranging from complimentary Dream Run bibs and incentive donations to invitations to the Charity Awards Nite.
  1. What are Special Number Bibs?
Registered and confirmed participants may select their own Bib number against a specified donation to an NGO of their choice. This number can be from a list of pre-selected special numbers (unique numbers) or a number of their own choice (custom numbers)-subject to availability. 

Runners interested in availing of a Special Number Bib can fill the relevant form found on the UWM website.


Choosing Your Cause

  1. Which charities are eligible for fund-raising through this event?
Charities registered with United Way Mumbai for the Tata  Mumbai Marathon 2019 are eligible for fund- raising through this event. United Way Mumbai conducts a preliminary scrutiny process and due diligence for registering the NGOs for the Mumbai Marathon. The list of these charities registered with United Way Mumbai for Tata Mumbai Marathon 2019 can be found here.
  1. How do I choose a cause?
United Way Mumbai endeavors to partner with as many charities from diverse causes and bring them all under the umbrella of Marathon fundraising. Our NGO listing allows you to sort them by cause, to narrow down your search to those working in your area of interest. You can then select a specific charity working in that area, from the list provided on our website We will keep updating this list as and when more NGOs register.
  1. In case the charity of my choice has not registered with you for the event, what do you suggest I do?
You can always get in touch with the chosen charity and get them registered with UWM. Please ask them to email us at expressing their interest in participating in the event. We request that the contact information to include name of the organization and relevant contact details. We will then send them a registration link on which they have to fill a registration form. Once filled, they must take a print out and send us a signed and stamped physical copy and upload the required documents on the portal.
  1. Can an NGO based outside Mumbai register for the event?
Yes, NGOs based anywhere in India can register for the event. However NGO's based outside the country and not possessing 80G registration are not eligible to register as we would be unable to issue 80G tax exemption receipts to donors on their behalf.
  1. What if I am not sure which charity to run for?
UWM will aid you in the process of shortlisting a set of charities that closely matchesyour interests. The charity that you shortlist must be from among those that are registered with us for Tata Mumbai Marathon 2019.
  1. Is there an email id where we can clarify our doubts?
Yes. All queries can be mailed to and they will be answered.


Understanding Individual Fundraising

  1. What is Fundraising?
Fundraising involves collecting donations for your supported charity / charities by tapping into your network of friends, family and colleagues. You can also post your appeal on various social network platforms. Fundraising gives you the opportunity to advocate for the cause that you feel passionately about and to make a difference in the life of underprivileged.
  1. What happens if I don't reach my target?
With the right commitment, effort and fundraising plan you will definitely reach your target. United Way Mumbai will support you in reaching your fundraising goal. However, there is no penalty for not reaching the fundraising target. 
  1. What's the easiest and best way for me to keep track of my pledges?
Create an Online Giving Page here and you can easily track donations online from your supporters. For offline payments, enter the cheque / DD / bank transfer details on your fundraiser dashboard and generate a donation id. At the time of submission of cheques, take a printout of your donations, attach the cheques and highlight the donation id's of the cheques being submitted.   
  1. Is there a minimum amount that a runner should raise for the NGO?
There is no minimum amount that needs to be raised. For all donations over Rs.100/- a tax exemption 80G receipt will be issued. However, we urge you to reach out to your networks and appeal for funds on behalf of the cause you support.
  1. Will the donors be getting receipts for all the donations?
All donations above INR 100 are eligible for and 80G receipt.
  1. Can participants directly donate to an NGO as part of the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2018?
No. The participants have to route all funds collected towards their chosen charity through UWM. All cheques/DDs/bank transfers and online donations willbe transferred to the charity of the participant's choice.
  1. Is there an email id where we can clarify our doubts?
Yes. All queries can be sent to 
  1. What are the methods by which I can collect funds?
    • By creating a Fundraising Page on the UWM website and receiving donations online by debit/credit card.
    • Offline through cheques /DDs/ bank transfers. 
Please Note:
  • Every donor needs to make a cheque in favor of 'United Way of Mumbai"
  • Enter the cheques /DD/ bank transfer details on your fundraising dashboard to generate a donation id.
  • Download and take a printout of your donations and highlight the donation IDs of the cheques / DDs / bank transfer being submitted and submit to the UWM office.
  1. Can I collect funds in cash?
UWM does not accept cash donations. However, if a donor insists on giving funds in cash, when turning in the amount to United Way Mumbai, we request you to issue a consolidated cheque of the entire amount favoring "United Way of Mumbai".
  1. If friends and family from overseas want to send a cheque, what should they do?
They can either donate through credit/debit card on your fundraising page or send you cheques in favor of United Way of Mumbai. 
Foreign donors will get receipts but will not get tax benefits. Additionally, we will update the amount received in our account after the deduction of banking charges. Please note this may take three to four weeks.


    US donors who need tax benefit -
    If a foreign donor wants a tax benefit, they have to go through United Way Worldwide. This is recommended only for donations above $250. Kindly do write to us about this donation at so we can track it at our end and update it on your fundraising page.


    The donor will need to -


    a. Send a cheque in favor of 'United Way Worldwide' to:
    United Way Worldwide
    701 N. Fairfax ST
    Alexandria, VA 22314 USA


    b. Enclose a letter stating the following:

      • Recipient as 'United Way Mumbai'
      • Donor's name and full contact information, including telephone number and email address
      • Which NGO the funds are for along with a mention that these funds are to be routed through the Tata Mumbai Marathon.


Tax Deductions and Receipts

  1. What happens after I have completed raising funds for Tata Mumbai Marathon 2019?
The money is accounted for at United Way Mumbai and then disbursed to the charity you have chosen to fundraise for.
  1. When is the last date to send in offline donations?
The last day for sending in offline donations in the form of cheques/DDs/bank transfers is January 25th 2019.
  1. How soon after I send in my donation cheques will I get the receipts?
Receipts for all donations are emailed directly to the donor email id mentioned at the time of the donations. In case you want a duplicate receipt you can write in to us at
  1. What percentage of the funds raise through my fundraising page will go to my supported NGO?

  2. Category Amount raised UWM donation retention*
    Online funds raised   No retentions by UWM. All Payment Gateway charges absorbed by UWM
    Below Fundraiser Gold Up till INR 99,999 4% of offline funds raised
    Fundraiser Gold INR 1,00,000 3% of offline funds raised
    Change Maker INR 1,50,000 2% of offline funds raised
    Change Investor INR 5,00,000 1.5% of offline funds raised
    Change Leader INR 10,00,000 1% of offline funds raised
    Change Champion INR 25,00,000 0.5% of offline funds raised
    Tata Mumbai Marathon 2018 Change Icon INR 50,00,000 0% of offline funds raised

    *donation retained to defray administrative expenses.

  1. Why am I being charged, even when I run for a charity?
Every event incurs a cost. There are actual expenses involved in organizing the charity component of the marathon, in putting together the various schemes that you are able to pick from, and in providing you the appropriate materials and support. The charges being levied are only to recover such costs.
  1. How soon after the event will all the information be collated and put up on United Way Mumbai's website?
United Way Mumbai closes all accounts before March 31st 2019 and all information will be made available by then. A charity docket is also released and a copy made available for download on the website.
  1. When will United Way Mumbai give the money to the charity?
Disbursements for all donations raised from the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2019, will be given out in installments. We aim at completing all disbursements before 31 March 2019.
  1. Will my pledgers also get tax exemptions?
All Indian donors are eligible for tax exemption u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act. All contributions above INR 100 are eligible for this.



  1. Why should we register with United Way Mumbai?
United Way Mumbai is the official philanthropy partner for the Mumbai Marathon since 2009. All those who want to participate for fundraising have to register with UWM. Registering with United Way Mumbai helps ensure transparency. Also, every donation received is accounted for and this is always appealing to the donors. NGOs can also spread awareness about their cause with the help of the Mumbai Marathon platform.
  1. How can an NGO participate in the Tata Mumbai Marathon for fund raising?
In order to participate, click here.

Fill the form and submit. We will then reach out to you and provide you your Login ID & Password (which you can change after login) through which you can fill your NGO details and upload the required documents. You must then submit a physical copy of this form along with a cheque of INR 12,000/- (INR 10,000 as bib blocking deposit and INR 2,000/- as annual registration charges) in the name of "United Way of Mumbai" and one cancelled cheque Domestic and/or FCRA account as applicable for validation purpose.

Please note that Registration with United Way Mumbai, the official Charity Partner, as a "Listed NGO" for the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2019 is subject to submission of this form, duly attested, validation and confirmation of the uploaded documents, and realization of payment of INR 12,000 as annual registration charges.
  1. How can we find donors?
United Way puts up the list of NGOs who have registered with them on the website. Prospective donor and companies as well as individuals use the list as a reference while looking for causes to support.
  1. What is bib blocking?
All participating NGOs are eligible to get upto 15 Charity Bibs, except for those returning NGOs in the Charity Bib ranking list, who will receive more. However, the 15 Charity Bibs can be claimed as mentioned:
  • 1st Allocation: Max. 10 Bibs will be allocated on completion of the registration process.
  • 2nd Allocation: Max 5 Bibs will be allocated on full utilization of the already allocated Bibs.

The minimum amount to be raised per Dream Run/Full Marathon Bib is INR 9,000 and Half Marathon Bib is INR 12,000.
  1. If we find a runner who is willing to support our cause, do we have to fund his/her training?
Most of the time, the runner himself/herself will find a trainer. The NGOs can also help to find a trainer. This has to be worked out with the runner(s).
  1. The donor cheque should be in favor of which organization?
The donor cheque for the NGOs should be in favor of United Way of Mumbai.


For Corporate Challengers

  1. Why should we enroll in a Corporate Challenge category?
The Corporate Challenge category is a fantastic medium for employee engagement and motivation while offering many opportunities for contributing to make a difference for the underprivileged sections of our society. Besides, various perks are also available for the corporate challenge participants.
  1. Will you guide us on the tips for motivating the employees to fundraise?
Yes, we can also conduct workshops for corporates on request together with the NGO they are supporting.
  1. If we register for a Team 25 but cannot find enough participants, can it be changed to Team 15?
No. You cannot change your team size from Team 25 to Team 15 once you have completed registration formalities. You can however, submit entry forms of less than 25 participants.
  1. Is it necessary for all the employees who participate to fundraise?
It is not necessary for all the employees who participate to fundraise. However, participants are encouraged to create their own fundraising pages for a cause of their choice. As and when they cross each level they gain the benefits of the level. Funds can be raised both on the online on the fundraising page as well as offline through cheques/DDs/bank transfers. Offline amounts require to be submitted to UWM along with a printout of donations from the fundraiser dashboard details in pledge form for it to be updated on the fundraiser page.
    Category Amount raised UWM donation retention*
    Online funds raised   No retentions by UWM. All Payment Gateway charges absorbed by UWM
    Below Fundraiser Gold Up till INR 99,999 4% of offline funds raised
    Fundraiser Gold INR 1,00,000 3% of offline funds raised
    Change Maker INR 1,50,000 2% of offline funds raised
    Change Investor INR 5,00,000 1.5% of offline funds raised
    Change Leader INR 10,00,000 1% of offline funds raised
    Change Champion INR 25,00,000 0.5% of offline funds raised
    Tata Mumbai Marathon 2018 Change Icon INR 50,00,000 0% of offline funds raised

    *donation retained to defray administrative expenses.

  1. What benefits do corporate fundraisers get?
Additional benefits to the companies who have employee fundraisers:

Employee fundraisers who have collectively raised above INR 3 Lakh:
1. Social media feature by United Way Mumbai
2. Company logo featured in the special section of the Corporate Tent on Race Day
3. One Grand Stand Pass for the company CXO on Race Day
4. Complimentary Dream Run Bib from United Way Mumbai for the company SPOC
5. An exclusive TMM Arm Band to recognise the company SPOC
6. One TMM Philanthropy Awards Nite invite for the company CXO
7. Citation certificate to the highest fundraiser of the Corporate
8. Certificate of Appreciation for the corporate
9. Quarter page feature in the TMM 2019 post event Docket

Employee fundraisers who have collectively raised above INR 5 Lakh:
All rewards mentioned above, in addition to:
1. Procam Marquee for company CXO + 1 and an additional Grand Stand Invite for company CXO on Race Day
2. Additional TMM Philanthropy Awards Nite invite for the company CXO
3. One TMM Philanthropy Awards Nite invite for the company SPOC
4. Half page feature in the TMM 2019 post event Docket

 Note: Race Day benefits will be decided on the basis of Employee Fundraising amount raised as on Wednesday, 26th December, 2018.
  1. How many teams in total can be put up by a corporate house?
There is no limit to the number of runners or teams, which can be fielded by a corporate

  1. ==43.  Is the donation made to UWM for corporate team eligible to be considered CSR?

No, All donations made directly to UWM is considered a donation for which an 80G tax exemption receipt is provided.

     44.   How can a company ensure their contribution could still be considered CSR?

For companies who require their contribution to be compliant with their CSR policy, which mandates that contributions have to be made directly to projects or programmes, the company may choose to contribute via the split cheque option while making the contribution for taking a corporate team. Under this the donation would be in two cheques, one in the name of UWM which cannot be claimed as CSR and the other in the name of the NGO being supported. Both cheques would need to be submitted to UWM at the time of registration.


As per the circular dated June 18, 2014 issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, one off events such as marathon would not qualify as CSR expenditure for the purposes of Section 135 of Companies Act, 2013. The corporate donor shall be solely responsible and liable for compliance with provisions relating to corporate social responsibility under the Companies Act, 2013 and the rules made thereunder (including but not limited to Section 135 of Companies Act, 2013), in relation to the amounts being paid by the corporate donor to United Way of Mumbai for participation in the Tata Mumbai Marathon (including any amount paid as the event registration fees (used for purchase of bibs) or towards administrative expenses).


Expo Day

What happens at the Expo?

     45.  What happens at the Expo?
The Get Active Expo is a four day event where all runners come to collect their running bibs.


Online Fundraising

     46.  What is Online Fundraising?
This an activity where the runner asks friends, family and colleagues to support their participation by donating to a cause close to his/her heart. Interested donors  can visit the fundraising page and make donations through a secure payment gateway. United Way Mumbai will then transfer the amount you have collected to the runner's chosen charity. Online Fundraising is also makes it possible to reach out to and collect donations for a good cause from people outside of your city.
     47.  Can I raise funds for more than one charity through Online Fundraising?
Yes you can. One individual fundraiser can choose upto 3 NGOs that she/he wants to support. UWM however recommends supporting one NGO so that they can maximize the effectiveness of the projects they undertake
     48.  Will I receive a list with the names of the people who donated money through my Fundraising page?
The names of the donors, their email IDs and the amount they have contributed through your Online Fundraising page are accessible to you when you login to your page.

     49.  Will my donors get a receipt for their donation?

Yes, all donations of INR 100 and more are eligible for an 80G receipt. The receipt will emailed upon completion of the transaction. This receipt can be used for income tax purposes. Please bear in mind that even if you have chosen a 35 AC project, you will still be issued an 80G receipt.

Foreign donors will be given only receipts and no tax exemption certificate will be provided.

     50.  How long can I receive donations through Online Fundraising Page?

The last date for online pledges is 31st January, 2019. Once the end date is reached, your page can only be viewed, but it will not be possible to donate on the page.