Let's READ

10000 children. 100 mini libraries. 62500+ books.

All we need is you.

For many children living in marginalized communities in India, owning a set of books is a distant dream. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to discover the wonder and joy of books.

Let's READ is United Way Mumbai's nationwide initiative, which aims to nurture a love for books and reading among children who cannot afford access to books of their own.

Over the next few months, United Way Mumbai will bring together NGOs, companies and citizens with a heart to:
  • Gift a set of 5 beautifully illustrated children's books to 10,000 children
  • Gift 100 mini libraries (comprising 125 books each) to NGOs working with children from marginalised communities
'The books will be curated keeping in mind the age, language proficiency and reading levels of the children. In addition to gifting books and libraries, we will also
  • Conduct book reading sessions by children's authors
  • Facilitate workshops for NGO staff on reading skills and making books come alive for children of all ages

2018 IMPACT FIGURES:NGOs interested in being part of the Let's READ campaign can send us an email at letsread@unitedwaymumbai.org

Support the Let's READ Campaign

A set of 5 books for a child costs only Rs. 500. A mini library (consisting of 125 books) costs Rs. 15,000. Sign up as a fundraiser, get your company or school involved or make a donation. Your contributions have the power to change lives.

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