Let's READ

5000 children. 50 mini libraries. 30000+ books.

All we need is you.

For many children living in marginalized communities in Mumbai, owning a set of books is a distant dream. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to discover the wonder and joy of books.

Let's READ is United Way Mumbai's citywide initiative, which aims to nurture a love for books and reading among children who cannot afford access to books of their own.

Over the next few months, United Way Mumbai will bring together NGOs, companies and citizens with a heart to:
  • Gift a set of 5 beautifully illustrated children's books to 5000 children
  • Gift 50 mini libraries (comprising 125 books each) to NGOs working with children from marginalised communities
'The books will be curated keeping in mind the age, language proficiency and reading levels of the children. In addition to gifting books and libraries, we will also
  • Conduct book reading sessions by children's authors
  • Facilitate workshops for NGO staff on reading skills and making books come alive for children of all ages
A set of 5 books for a child costs only Rs.500. A mini library (consisting of 125 books) costs Rs. 12000. Sign up as a fundraiser, get your company or school involved or make a donation. Your contributions have the power to change lives.

NGOs interested in being part of the Let's READ campaign can send us an email at letsread@unitedwaymumbai.org

Support Children Suffering from Life Threatening Illnesses

Make-a-Wish Foundation is dedicated to granting the most cherished wish of children between the ages of 3 to 18 years, living with life threatening illnesses, irrespective of their socio-economic status, caste, race or religion. The daily battle of survival that these children face is eased by fulfilling their most cherished wishes, which, in turn has a therapeutic effect. For these children, a wish fulfillment brings hope of a possible future, when none is guaranteed. 

Our campaign will give these deserving children a necessary opportunity to experience the pleasure of reading.

Target: 200 Children. 8 Mini-Libraries. 2200 Books.

` 56253 of ` 196000

Support Children of Migrant Construction Workers

Mumbai Mobile Creches runs  daycare centres across Mumbai city, inside construction sites for children of migrant construction workers. Their education programme aims to prepare children for school, focusing on providing basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills, along with after school care, if needed. The aim is to ensure that children are given the necessary support so that they do not drop out of the educational system.

Your support can ensure that these bright minds can enjoy the uplifting experience of reading a book.

Target: 1100 Children. 12 Mini-Libraries. 7300 Books.

` 247100 of ` 694000

Support Children Studying in Disadvantaged Primary Schools

The CHIP reading program aims to improve the overall literacy skills of children studying in BMC schools. The purpose is to improve the quality of teaching and reading in disadvantaged primary schools. The children attending these schools come from nearby slum areas and are deprived of socio-economic necessities. As part of the program, volunteers and teachers will be given books and will conduct fun filled activities and create an enabling environment to encourage the love of books and reading in the children.

Let's join hands in helping bring the gift of books to their lives.

Target: 1560 Children. 12 Mini-Libraries. 9600 Books

` 15455 of ` 924000

Support Underprivileged Children from Slum Communities

Angel Xpress aims to help children from low income communities perform to their greatest abilities with help from the more affluent members of the community, who don't just volunteer as teachers, but also participate as mentors and guides. The organisation is a free service provider for Mumbai communities, who are interested in helping underprivileged children in their locality. The NGO runs theses classes for underprivileged slum children in public parks in eight locations across Mumbai city.

We look to encourage the children's love of reading by gifting them books, which they would otherwise not be able to afford.

Target: 800 Children. 12 Mini-Libraries. 5800 Books.

` 14299 of ` 545000

Support Children Living on the Streets

Shelter Don Bosco aims to provide immediate and short-term services to children living on the streets at all times and at all levels. The Organisation endeavours to offer the children specialised attention and holistic development opportunities by creating an atmosphere of learning through recreation as well as education. These children have little access to books to entertain and educate them.

Our helping hand can kindle the love of reading in their minds.

Target: 200 Children. 5 Mini-Libraries. 1750 Books.

` 7749 of ` 160000

Corporate Advised Fund

Agilent partnered with United Way Mumbai in the Let's READ campaign in order to gift beautiful sets of books to less privileged children from Gurgaon, Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai.

Through Agilent's contribution we have been able to spread the wonder of reading to children from:

  • Sakaar Outreach in Gurgaon & Delhi NCR
  • SNS Foundation in Gurgaon
  • Vidya in Bengaluru & Mumbai
A total of INR 2,54,615/- was donated towards the Let's READ campaign by Agilent employees, leading to the sponsorship of 15 mini-library bags as well as reading sessions.

This contribution will go a long way in bringing the pleasures of reading to underprivileged children.

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Support from Institutional Partner

École Mondiale is an accredited International Baccalaureate school in Mumbai, dedicated to academic excellence in a caring environment, providing opportunities for all its students to flourish. Students in École Mondiale come from varied backgrounds and are provided with holistic education, which encourages them to excel and develop into life-long learners, contributing to the community around them.

In partnership with United Way Mumbai, children of École Mondiale have raised funds for Let's READ through catering for activities in their school. The funding was used to provide child beneficiaries of CHIP Mumbai, with 53 sets of books and 2 mini-libraries. Additionally, 41 students from the school will engage on a one-to-one basis with the 53 children from CHIP Mumbai, interacting with and reading to them, bringing the books alive. Reading sessions and other activities with the CHIP beneficiaries will be held in the months of January and February 2017.

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