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Let's READ - Support Underprivileged Children from Slum Communities

Let's READ is United Way Mumbai's campaign to reach out to 5000 underprivileged children and provide them with the opportunity to experience the joy of reading.

My Appeal

Think of your favourite book. Now think of how it has shaped your ideas and outlook. A book has the ability to transform a child's world! Through this campaign I want to bring the wonderful world of books and imagination to children who cannot afford access to them.

Project Details

Angel Xpress aims to help children from low income communities perform to their greatest abilities with help from the more affluent members of the community, who don't just volunteer as teachers, but also participate as mentors and guides. The organisation is a free service provider for Mumbai communities, who are interested in helping underprivileged children in their locality. The NGO runs theses classes for underprivileged slum children in public parks in eight locations across Mumbai city.

We look to encourage the children's love of reading by gifting them books, which they would otherwise not be able to afford.

Target: 800 Children. 12 Mini-Libraries. 5800 Books.

` 2600 of ` 15000

About Me

I am a social worker, animal rights activist, jewellery designer and drama teacher who believes that we can change the world one tiny life at time!




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