Individual fundraisers are eligible for benefits according to their level of fundraising as explained in the table below.

Please note:


Every individual who raises above INR 10,000 from multiple donors is classified as a Fundraiser Bronze. Depending on the fundraising amount, the individual gets upgraded to different categories. The fundraiser is not necessarily someone who is participating in the event.


  • Any individual under the age of 21 as on Sunday, 20 January 2019 and raising INR 75,000 or more is recognized as Young Leader and eligible for a complimentary bib.
  • All participants above 12 years of age in the Young Leader are eligible for the Dream Run bib.
  • If a participant wishes to run the Full Marathon/Half Marathon in this category, they should be 18 years and above. It is mandatory to meet the Timing Criteria for participation in the Full Marathon.
  • Participants wish to participate in the 10K run should be 15 years and above.
  • For timing criteria please log on to -


The fundraiser's level as on Wednesday, 26th December 2018 determines the status and eligibility for benefits on race day. Fundraisers who reach higher levels post this date will be acknowledged in the official charity docket and post event communications. Mentioned below are the various categories and privileges.





INR 50,000 - 1L

 Fundraiser Silver

 Eligible to register for any race category even after open category has closed. Event fees and conditions apply

  • Upon raising INR 75,000 – Young Leaders get a complimentary special running Bib with a customized 6 digit number of their choice for the Dream Run Category and priority line up.
  • Mention in Event docket. Young Leaders will have their photograph as well as a mention

INR 1L - 1.5L

 Fundraiser Gold

  • Your Fundraiser Silver Bib will be upgraded to a Special Number Bib
  • Mention in Event docket.Young Leaders will have their photograph as well as a mention

INR 1.5L - 5L

 Change Maker

  • Your Fundraiser Gold Bib will be converted to a Change Runner Bib
  • Priority line up across all race categories
  • Event T-shirt + Cap
  • Procam Marquee + Grandstand invite for self
  • Charity hamper bag from United Way Mumbai
  • Social media features by United Way Mumbai
  • Photograph + mention in event docket

INR 5L - 10L

Change Investor

In addition to the above-
  • Event track suit
  • 1 additional Dream Run Bib for guest
  • Race Day photograph (soft copy), if captured by Marathon Photos (only for 10k, HM & FM)
  • Featured on the Charity Wall at the TMM 2019 Expo
  • Mention on TMM 2019 Facebook page
  • Interview bite showcased on United Way Mumbai social media
  • Invite for self to the Philanthropy Awards Nite
  • Photograph + mention in event docket

INR 10L - 25L

 Change Leader

In addition to the above-
  • Event sports shoes
  • 1 Guest invite for Procam Marquee & Grandstand
  • 2 additional Dream Run Bib for guests (total 3)
  • Photograph + quarter page feature in event docket

INR 25L - 50L

 Change  Champion

In addition to the above-
  • 1 additional Dream Run Bib for guests (total 4)
  • 1 additional guest invite for Procam Marquee & Grandstand (total 2 guest invites)
  • Race Day photo digi pack (soft copy), if captured by Marathon Photos
  • (only available for 10k, HM and FM)
  • Interview bite showcased on TMM 2019 social media
  • Pre-race Friday Night Engagement invite
  • Guest invite to Philanthropy Awards Nite
  • Photograph + half page feature in event docket

Above INR 50L

 TMM 2019 Change  Icon
In addition to the above-
  • 1 additional Dream Run Bib for guests (total 5)
  • 1 additional guest invite to Philanthropy Awards Nite (total 2 guest invites)
  • Photograph + full page feature in the event docket


TMM Change Legend:
Change Runners raising over INR 1 crore in a particular edition of Mumbai Marathon will be known as TMM Change Legends and will be celebrated for their extraordinary commitments with a legendary status that would transcend editions of the marathon. The title of 'TMM Change Legend' will be a life-long title and a legacy of the person that would hold a special position on the Wall of Change at Expo and Procam Marquee. The TMM Change Legend will always remain a part of the Tata Mumbai Marathon and will be invited to all related events.



  • Race Day Privileges will be determined for all fundraisers by Wednesday, 26th December, 2018
  • Fundraisers achieving higher levels (beyond INR 1,00,000) post 26th December, 2018 will be acknowledged on the website and the event docket, but will not be entitled to Race Day benefits and privileges
  • The additional Dream Run Bib will be a general category Bib and not eligible for any special Race Day privileges
  • Race day photographs are subject to the capture by and not in control of United Way Mumbai or the event organizer - Procam International Pvt. Ltd.
  • The fundraiser privileges for Young Leaders are the same as the ones listed for Individual Fundraisers with the exception of the Young Leader being eligible for a Special Bib and priority line up on raising INR 75,000 instead of INR 1.5 Lakhs
  • Funds can be raised both online and offline. Funds raised online are disbursed in full to the supported NGO/s and United Way Mumbai absorbs the payment gateway charges (except for online payments received specifically towards Charity Bibs). No retention is charged on funds raised online
  • Funds raised offline (through cheques and DDs) carry a United Way Mumbai donation retention ranging from 4% - 0%, depending on the fundraising level. This amount is retained to defray administrative expenses
  • Donor details of a fundraiser’s supporters will not be shared with the NGO unless the fundraiser specifically gives their consent