Mission Mangroves

Recognizing the pressing need for preservation and restoration of mangroves, United Way Mumbai launched the ‘Mission Mangroves’ campaign in June 2015. On World Environment Day, we pledged to plant 1,00,001 mangroves, thereby making green over 10 Hectares of wetlands around the city over the span of one year.

As part of this campaign, United Way Mumbai formed a public private partnership with the Forest Department of the State of Maharashtra and expert NGOs on wetland conservation, thereby consulting state and private experts to procure necessary permissions.

After a thorough mapping of coastal wetlands in need of intervention, the scope for plantation has been determined, enabling us to mobilise corporate employees, students and other citizen volunteers to support and participate in plantation drives. By mobilising local communities, we propose to sensitise a larger population and create awareness on the importance of mangroves.

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United Way Mumbai invites individuals, companies, schools and colleges to be a part of Mission Mangroves. You can support mangrove plantations, volunteer your time or become an advocate for our cause. To know more, click here.

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