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We believe that our talent is amongst our greatest assets. That is why United Way is committed to attracting, developing, retaining and creating careers for diverse talent and leadership who will work interdependently toward accomplishing our goals in communities worldwide.

At United Way Mumbai, we are a team with diverse backgrounds drawn together by our passion for advancing community change. We have a strong work ethic and professional approach to the sector. Whatever the role, you will find that each member of our team makes an important contribution to each other's success. 

Current Openings

We invite you to explore our current opportunities. United Way Mumbai is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We will retain your resume for six months and will contact you if an appropriate position becomes available in the near future.

(About project Mumbai 360: This is a flagship initiative of United Way Mumbai, wherein we are planning to address holistic community development with a 360° perspective i.e. with focus on issues related to health, education, livelihoods, safety, environment and social inclusion. As part of this project, United Way Mumbai has adopted a municipal councilor ward no. 175 under the F/North municipal ward. We have conducted a thorough baseline assessment study to understand the challenges and gaps in this community with a focus on 6 core areas – Education, Health, Income, Environment, Public Safety & Social Inclusion. Based on the findings of the study, we now plan to identify and develop the most impactful solutions to address these challenges and bring together the right stakeholders to implement these solutions. The goal is to be able to attain measurable improvements over a period of time vis-à-vis the Sustainable Development Goals and targets of India.)


Through this project, we aim to;

Demonstrate the collective impact model in action

Bring together interventions across all our 6 focus areas in the same geography

Research and implement the best solutions in each of the focus areas

Pilot these solutions so they can be replicated and taken to scale

Have a community impact / social innovation lab to demonstrate our work and model to other NGOs and prospective donors

Invite participation of all related stakeholders, including employee volunteers



  • To spearhead the Mumbai 360, a flagship community impact project of United Way Mumbai in the identified community
  • To continuously ideate and work with the senior management team for laying down the concrete and time-bound roadmap and implement the same
  • To conceptualize and operationalize effective entry point intervention in the given community such as;
    • Running a Community Resource Center in the community
    • Offer support services for government scheme linkage to all the community members etc.
  • To recruit and manage suitable project team for effective implementation of the entry point intervention
  • To ensure effective implementation of the entry point interventions as per the timelines and impact deliverables committed
  • To develop and nurture strong collaborations with various key stakeholders in the community including the relevant government departments, civil society groups/ organizations and community-based groups/ organizations
  • To actively liaise with the government and private stakeholders throughout the implementation and engage them in different ways so as to complement the success of the project
  • Alongside the entry point intervention, work to identify available (tried and tested) solutions/ interventions offered by various NGOs in Mumbai as well as among any flagship projects of United Way Mumbai to address the key priority issues as identified in the baseline assessment report
  • To develop effective project proposals in keeping with the aims and objectives of Mumbai 360 project and work with the resource mobilization team of United Way Mumbai for raising resources in support to the projects identified
  • To develop monitoring and evaluation metrics for the project interventions in alignment with the United Nations’ SDGs
  • To document the impact, learnings, challenges, etc. and create project reports to appraise the senior management of UWM as well as the concerned donors of the project from time to time
  • To develop a strategy for communication of the impact of the project with relevant stakeholders, media, social media platforms, etc.



  • Candidate must hold a Masters’ degree in the field of Social Work or similar profession from a reputed university
  • Possess a minimum of 7 to 8 years of work experience in project management and implementation, stakeholder collaboration, government liaison, etc.
  • Effective communication skills oral and written in English and Hindi (Knowledge of Marathi will be an added advantage)
  • Effective skills in writing reports, proposals, etc.
  • The candidate must be a self-starter, enthusiastic, visionary with command over skills such as; leadership, team management, stakeholder collaboration
  • Candidate must be a team player and should be willing to travel in and around Mumbai for implementing program activities

Remuneration: Subject to relevant qualification, experience & merit; the salary range is ₹ 9 L to ₹ 10.8 L p.a

The position is part of the Investor Relations team responsible for positioning United Way Mumbai as philanthropy partner of choice, attracting new partnerships and building lasting relationships with investors.


- Achieve organization's fundraising targets and develop a resource mobilization strategy with quarterly implementation plans

- To track and list CSR opportunities and potential partnerships

- To collaborate with internal and external teams to develop programmes and proposals

-To build and maintain ongoing relationships with prospective and current donors

-To prepare new communication material and documentation for United Way Mumbai

-To work towards positioning of United Way Mumbai as philanthropy partner of choice

-To develop and work on fundraising campaigns, including the Tata Mumbai Marathon


-Minimum 6 years of work experience

-Experience in the development sector, preferably in a fundraising role

-Excellent written and spoken English skills

-Past experience with / demonstrated commitment to social causes would be an advantage

Remuneration: Subject to relevant qualification, experience & merit, Salary range is Rs 9 L to 10.8 L p.a



  • Responsible for Community outreach and mobilization for issues pertaining to health and implementing field related activities especially in the field of environment 
  • Communicate and interact with program stakeholders/partners for the implementation of the project
  • Engage and liaise with volunteers including citizens, college youth and community members
  • Coordinate and manage partnerships with public and private agencies for the implementation of program activities
  • Plan, organize and carry out campaigns for sensitization of selected community on health issues
  • Create periodic report documents of program deliverables and outcome


  • Candidate must have Masters in Social Work/ Environmental Science or equivalent field 
  • One year of work experience (even freshers can apply) 
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Efficient in Community Outreach and Mobilization
  • Must be efficient in communicating in English and Hindi (efficiency in Marathi will be preferred)
  • Candidate must be a team player and should be willing to travel in and around Mumbai for implementing program activities 
Remuneration: Subject to relevant qualification, experience & merit; the salary range is ₹ 3.6 L to Rs 4.2 L p.a

Job Responsibilities:

  • To coordinate and implement community impact projects related to road safety in and around Mumbai (projects including; training of youth in safe two-wheeler riding, facilitate effective speed enforcement measures by traffic police at select speeding spots, training of school children in safe road usage, training of first responders for post-crash care response, etc.) through collaboration with multiple stakeholders
  • To understand the project objectives, deliverables and create the execution plan for the project under the guidance of the Project Manager
  • Create a specific plan for the execution of the project on quarterly basis in alignment with the overall project timelines
  • To develop and nurture strong relations and collaborations with the relevant stakeholders such as; RTO, Traffic Police, Colleges, NSS, NGOs, community members, training agency, etc. for successful implementation of the project 
  • Liaising with stakeholders for successful implementation of the project activities
  • To develop suitable IEC materials to complement the project theme i.e. promotion of safe road usage to compliment the educational activities under the project 
  • Work actively with colleges, schools, NGOs to mobilize seek their active participation in the project activities. 
  • To follow up and encourage the youth to form road safety clubs and carry out awareness activities to educate their own peers on safe road usage practices 
  • To develop/ possess basic knowledge and understanding about the field of road safety and be able to provide relevant inputs for successful execution of the project activities
  • To document the project activities and outcomes on a regular basis and submit the project status reports to the donor as per the committed timelines


  • Candidate must have Masters in Social Work or any other relevant field 
  • Minimum of 4 to 5 years (in the field of road safety or relevant social projects with focus on behaviour change)One year of work experience (even freshers may apply)
  • Ability to interact and connect effectively with a wide range of stakeholders  
  • Efficient in community outreach and mobilization skills
  • Must be efficient in communicating in English and Hindi; both written and oral communication (efficiency in Marathi will be an added advantage)
  • Candidate must be a team player and should be willing to travel extensively in and around Mumbai for implementing program activities 
Remuneration:Subject to relevant qualification, experience & merit, Salary range is Rs 4.8 L to Rs 6 L p.a



Don't see a position you want to apply for? Apply now to let us know if we can consider you for future openings in United Way Mumbai, and we will get in touch with you once we have a relevant position for you. 

At United Way Mumbai, we believe that talent is one key asset for generating community impact and we are committed to developing students and individuals with high potentials to leaders of tomorrow. The internship program at United Way Mumbai is offered to such talented students who seek a career in the development sector.

The internship program has the following benefits:
  • Students get to work directly with experts in the field and innovative community development program.
  • Students will learn and develop key skills required for a successful career in the development sector including communication, fundraising, project implementation, project monitoring etc.
  • United Way Mumbai certificate of internship completion.

United Way Mumbai (UWM) offers internships to students and young professionals who intend to work in the field of health, environment, livelihood, education, public safety and social inclusion. Following are the guidelines that are required to be followed by interns working with UWM throughout their tenure at the organization.

The minimum duration for an internship at United Way Mumbai is 15 working days and 8 hours a day. No internship application will be considered for the availability of lesser duration.

For full details about an internship at United Way Mumbai, please click here.

To apply for an internship, please write to us at, with an attached CV.

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