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Anita Nagaraju
Our Mahindra Open Drive campaign site is now closed and will open again only for the next edition.

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I knew Nirmaan Organization since about 6 years. Pioneering in BITS Pilani by a group of students, today Nirmaan successfully extended their network to more than a million children, thousands of women and youth from underprivileged and under-served communities in India, across 8 states. I would strongly recommend all my friends to DONATE a bit for Nirmaan. The proceedings will directly support their Women Livelihood initiatives.

About Me

This is Anitha. Professionally a business analyst based out of Boston, United States. Artist as a hobby and passionate about exploring places, rediscovering myself and of course, joining hands with fellows in the tribe. I am also a seasonal volunteer at couple of NGOs working on Livelihoods, with special interest in Social Enterprises.


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Aruna Patapati
19th October 2019

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