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Muktangan is everything that a child needs to have a successful future.
It taught me to lend a hand to anyone who needs it and now I feel happy to lend a helping hand to my school.
Muktangan provides value education, personality development and allows students opportunities to express themselves through project day, sports day, annual days and many more events.
It is not just another normal school Muktangan has its unique way of teaching students in groups of 15 allowing all of us to learn together and from each other.
I eagerly want to do something for the school that has nurtured me into the person that I am today. I want to help it nurture others like me.
Help me raise funds for my school and give my friends an opportunity for a better life.

About Me

I am Pooja. I feel proud to share that I am an alumni of Muktangan.
I currently study in KC college, Churchgate.
Muktangan has been a home to me even after passing out.
This school is not just an educational institute but also a place where a child is moulded into all that they can be.
Muktangan takes great efforts to inculcate life values and teaches a child to face and succeed in the outer world.
School life will always have real meaning if you experience it at Muktangan. I, now want to share this experience with my classmates who are still in school.

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Nilesh Hanchate
5th September 2018

Keep up the good work always

Payal Maheshwari
30th August 2018

Pooja, proud of you and your commitment to your school!

Raising Money For:
The Paragon Charitable Trust (Muktangan)
Muktangan is an innovative, community based, child - centred & inclusive model of school and teacher education, taking place within the mainstream school system.
Supported By:
Nilesh Hanchate
Payal Maheshwari

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The Paragon Charitable Trust (Muktangan)

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