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Marine Litter poses a vast and growing threat to the marine and coastal environment. Around 8 million items of litter enter the marine environment every day endangering the species in the ocean. Among the litter found on the ocean, plastics constitute around 90% (Source: Ocean Conservancy Report 2017) Mumbai the island city has 114 km of coastline and nearly 16 km of beaches stretching from Colaba in the south and Madh and Marve to the north (Maharashtra Maritime Board). Dadar Chowpatty, also known as Chaityabhoomi beach is a popular tourist destination. The high number of footfall make cleanliness at the beach a major challenge for MCGM.

Through Project Clean Shores Mumbai, United Way Mumbai strives to enhance the overall state of cleanliness and waste management at the shores of Mumbai through public-private partnership.

Every day, tonnes of plastic and other waste are disposed of into our water bodies. The litter not only spoils the scenery but is harmful to the natural habitat, including people and wildlife. Additionally, the debris thrown into marine bodies can last a very long time, affecting the marine life for years to come.

Clean Shores Mumbai


Mission: To work to enhance the overall cleanliness of the city's beaches and contribute towards mitigation of marine pollution and conservation of the marine eco-system through strategic and sustained interventions, enabled by public-private partnership.

How you can be involved:

Corporates can sponsor beach clean-up drive and engage employees in our beach clean-up drives. This can be your social contribution towards clean and safe shores.

You can spread awareness about cleanliness and responsible waste handling among your peers, colleagues, relatives and children

You can volunteer during the Beach clean-up drive organized by United Way Mumbai. Every month United Way Mumbai plans to organize beach clean-up drive with the help of students, corporate volunteers, local volunteers and NGOs in Mumbai.

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