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In one of my projects with the previous organisation, I analysed the back-end Central Kitchen of a restaurant chain. I was disappointed to see how much food these restaurants waste on a daily basis. Since then, I started serving the leftover food cooked at my place to the destitute/homeless people. I now want to take my initiative to the next level and raise funds to help the homeless children cope with malnutrition.

About Me

I'm a financial analyst by profession. Apart from investing, I'm passionate about composing music, running, and trekking. I carry with me a sense of pride in dedicating my free time to serve the community by planting trees, helping in the city cleanliness drive, and motivating folks to follow a healthy lifestyle.
In the past, I have completed the Mumbai Mirchi Half Marathon (2015) and Heritage Run, Hampi (2017).
I look forward to your support in raising funds for the noble cause. You may choose to support either of the NGOs.

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