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In one of my projects with the previous organisation, I analysed the back-end Central Kitchen of a restaurant chain. I was disappointed to see how much food these restaurants waste on a daily basis. Since then, I started serving the leftover food cooked at my place to the destitute/homeless people. I now want to take my initiative to the next level and raise funds to help the homeless children cope with malnutrition.

About Me

I'm a financial analyst by profession. Apart from investing, I'm passionate about composing music, running, and trekking. I carry with me a sense of pride in dedicating my free time to serve the community by planting trees, helping in the city cleanliness drive, and motivating folks to follow a healthy lifestyle.
In the past, I have completed the Mumbai Mirchi Half Marathon (2015) and Heritage Run, Hampi (2017).
I look forward to your support in raising funds for the noble cause. You may choose to support either of the NGOs.

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13th September 2019

Starting it myself

Raising Money For:
United Way Mumbai
United Way of Mumbai is part of a 130-year old global movement. Our mission is to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities to advance the common good. We do this by bringing people together - companies, NGOs, individuals and government agencies - to create sustainable impact.
Khel Shala
Khelshala is an after school program, that Empowers Children Through Sport. Through it's program called S.A.Y.(S - sport, A -academics Y -Yoga for wel-being) it conducts an all round support program necessary for each child, facilitating & Development with no turning back". Khelshala was launched in Sept 2009 and has now been in operation for 7 years.
Action Against hunger
Action Against Hunger is one of the few NGOs in India focusing specifically on child malnutrition. Established in 2012, registered as Fight Hunger Foundation under Section 8 of the Indian Companies Act 2013. Our approach focuses on both the causes and effects of malnutrition in children and integrates nutrition, health, agriculture, livelihoods, water sanitation and hygiene.
Supported By:
Ankit Kumar Singh

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United Way Mumbai
Khel Shala
Action Against hunger

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