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While education for all is a much desired objective, the problems of quality, especially in rural India, need a huge effort to resolve. Through its 9 rural schools Isha Vidhya provides a high quality, English medium, holistic education to 7769 underprivileged rural children in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, with 62% of the children being supported by donations under a full scholarship program and the rest paying a nominal fee. Leveraging its experience and using the methodologies developed, Isha Vidhya also carries out critical interventions in 3121 Govt. schools in TN and AP to enhance the quality, impacting over 150,000 children and 10,500 teachers.

Extensively using digital content and other classroom learning aids to make the classes interesting and learning more effective, Isha Vidhya schools also emphasise sports, yoga, life-skills, environmental and health awareness and provide nutritious noon meals. The endeavour to make education holistic is also part of the Govt. school interventions.

Largely run by volunteers, this initiative has low overheads and hence every rupee or dollar donated goes directly to its most effective and efficient use.
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I request you to support my run by donating to Isha Vidhya. Your funds will support critical school infrastructure (like classrooms, computers, etc.), the Govt. school interventions (avg. Rs. 5 lakhs /school/year) or scholarships (Rs. 14000/ child/ yr.)

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I have been privileged to be a full-time volunteer of Isha Vidhya for the last several years. Education is the only ladder that we could provide to raise these children from poverty. For most of them, their only good meal of the day is at school. Many learn how to use a toilet only at school. The schools transform almost every aspect of a child's life & parental attitudes to education as well, while preserving and enhancing awareness of their local culture. Please donate to make a difference.... to Make a Life.

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