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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2022

India has one of the highest prevalence of mental illness globally. Studies show that roughly 14% of the population in India require active mental health interventions. India accounts for 36.6% of suicides globally. A student commits suicide every hour in India. The sheer dearth of experts in the country is astounding. There are 3 psychiatrists for every 1 million people. Mental health issue in India is perceived with a sense of judgement is considered a lack of self-discipline. The deep stigma associated around mental health contributes to denial and many young people do not seek help due to characteristic fears. Striving to contain the pandemic has led to a major health crisis in India with prolonged quarantines and restrictions on public life. These have had adverse consequences on the mental well being of of people. Fear, stress, automatic negative thoughts, social isolation have been observed to be on the rise. Studies show that number of people having mental health problems in India may rise to 20% of the population because of the pandemic. The need to actively foster awareness about mental health has been more important now than ever before. To contribute towards raising awareness, I wish to support the MANAV foundation who aim to change the perception on mental illness through outreach and awareness programs.
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For the reasons mentioned above, I wish to create a fundraiser that will support the cause in my little capacity though quality educational sessions and training of professionals. This year, on my birthday month, I’m fundraising for a cause that will contribute towards spreading awareness on the issue of mental health by supporting MANAV foundation's participation in The TATA Mumbai Marathon. I wish to kick start this fundraiser by initially contributing 50% of the target. My deadline to reach the target is 31st of March 2022. Pledge your support now and let's create a happy world for all!
My Fundraising Goal
` 0 of ` 25000


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MANAV Foundation
We are a Mumbai-based NGO that provides Treatment, Support and Care to persons affected with a Mental Illness & their Caregivers. Since our inception in 2004, we have been regarded as a pioneer in this field. We have seen many a breakthrough in the area of Mental Health, and apart from facilitating these changes, we are dedicated to increasing awareness on the issue and sounding the need for better facilities. We are committed to reach out to every person in need of our services.
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