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Mumbai mobile creches NGO hold expertise in early childhood care and development for migrant children growing up near building sites to parents working in the construction site. This NGO not only includes education but also provide Daycare facility, health aspect of children, child protection centre towards any kind of abuse etc. The purpose of this NGO is quite unique, moreover children are being cared and protected while the parents couldn't do so. They have training programs such as Bal Palika training which prepares underprivileged women extensively in caregiving and various aspects of working with children. They conduct various outreach program through animation and engaging Street plays by using wide range of topics including the importance of education, health and hygiene, addiction, HIV awareness, etc. We believe every child deserves thier right to education, basic standard of living and thier well-being. Mumbai mobile creches has extended thier hands for the same and people like you and me can give our contribution and support the good cause!
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We are the students of GNVS institute of management are raising funds to support Mumbai mobile creches NGO as a part of our Social relevance project. This NGO helps community member make positive changes in their own life. Your contribution will help Mumbai mobile creches and its social facilitator continue the task of improving lives. Every donation counts as it will help many needy children's out there. Me and my team look forward for your valuable support for this good cause.! Thank you.
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