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India ranked 102 among 117 countries. The GHI 2020 report has placed India 94th position among 107 countries, much behind Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal. The situation is grim and the country is battling widespread hunger.
The way we frame a problem determines the solutions we get. Hunger is a global challenge. It is often erroneously assumed that hunger stems from lack of food. However, if we probe the root cause of hunger, the answer is far more complicated. India produces enough food to feed all its citizens, yet it is ranked 100 among 119 countries in the Global Hunger Index rankings. Though the country has been food-secure for the past decade, its economic growth and the changing demographics are transforming patterns of food demand.
I support DBM as it is contributing significantly towards reducing poverty, improving health facilities, increasing access to education and awareness, increasing availability of employment and income opportunities. The flagship programme of Dharma Bharathi Mission has the goal to fight child hunger by providing mid-day meals for unaided schools in unprivileged areas in India.

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Hello Everyone!..I am Harsha Borkar currently pursuing my MBA from PTVA Institute Of Management. I am doing a CSR project on A study of initiatives taken by DBM for Hunger Free India with Dharma Bharathi Mission. DBM is working towards reducing poverty, increasing employment and also income opportunities. The goal of DBM is to fight child hunger by providing mid-day meals for unaided schools in unprivileged areas in India.

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Siddhesh Pawar
21st February 2021

Keep doing this great work god bless you❤️

7th February 2021

Best Wishes

Mandar Mungee
7th February 2021

All the best!

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Navasrushti International Trust (Dharma Bharathi Mission)
The Trust is working to achieve the remaining economic, social and moral freedom for the country and has launched Dharma Bharathi Mission (DBM) with the objective of Hunger-free India. We follow the 3 E approach i.e focusing on Education, Employment & Empowerment to tackle Hunger.
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Rickita Dsouza
Rushabh Telange
Siddhesh Pawar
Ishwari Dalvi
Siddhesh Dabholkar
Harsha Borkar
Mandar Mungee

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