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Your donation will transform the lives of 48 special students. As we believe that people with disability have a right to education irrespective of their age, gender, cultural background, origin or degree of the disability. With your support, we can continue to help them possess many skills and abilities to have enormous potential for their life- long growth and development. Suryoday Trust took the challenge to start a school for special children in Nalasopara in 2010, where there was no special school (otherwise these special children would not have gone to any school). In addition most of these special children are from underprivileged background as well. Since then, our objective is to train them in life skills and social skills which will help to integrate them into mainstream society. Post 12 years these special children are taught specific skills like tailoring, paper bag making file making, candle making, culinary training and in some cases data entry. These are called prevocational training and these specific skills make them economically independent to a certain extent and keep them engaged and most important they and the parents feel proud and satisfying that their special children are also engaged economically. Without the special school, most of these children would lose out on the structured life skill training and future employment opportunity.
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With the view that everyone has an equal right of existence, one possesses a right to education, be capable and independent to fulfill one's dreams. With that thought in mind, I am a passionate person who loves to work for special persons and do my little to empower these students to learn to dream and be capable of achieving what they dreamt.
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