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I have decided to raise funds for Sanjeevani Life Beyond Cancer to meet the nutritional needs of one of the most vulnerable sections of society (women fighting cancer). Let us become part of a passionate community of supporters helping them provide these essential nutritional supplement boxes to women fighting cancer at government hospitals. To make this drive pan India, they need our support and help. Join their mission and support these women, help them to fight cancer with nutrition. You can sponsor nutrition for: 6 women with - 1500 12 women with - 3000 24 women with - 6000 32 women with - 8,000 40 women with - 10,000 Let us be their Nutrition angles and donate with an open heart.
My Fundraising Goal
` 17000 of ` 500000
About Me
The days feel long and indistinguishable, because the COVID - 19 pandemic continues to dominate the headlines & everyday life. We know how it feels because the uncertainty created by the pandemic stretches out like an endless runway. One day morphs into the next. The same is familiar to those whose lives have been uprooted by cancer. And it’s downright exhausting…physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Anyone of us who have had a brush with cancer—as a patient, survivor, caregiver, or loved one—feels anxious, and maybe even helpless, in the face of this crisis. Here we are, though, living in quarantine, trying our best to stay strong in body and mind. But can we imagine the plight of underprivileged cancer patients with no resources?
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"All the best for noble cause. "
Gautam Jain
25th May 2020
"I did my little bit All the best Priyanka!"
22nd May 2020
My Fundraising Goal
` 17000 of ` 500000


Raising Money For
Sanjeevani Life Beyond Cancer is an award winning registered Public Trust working for prevention and early detection of cancer and providing care, counseling and rehabilitation to persons fighting cancer. Our charter is to raise the bar of Cancer Care in India by navigating patients from Dis-‘ease’ to Wellness.
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