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Sanjeevani ... Life Beyond Cancer handholds and rehabilitates underprivileged cancer patients. They work out of Government run hospitals across the country. They are currently working in 13 hospitals pan india. Started in 2012, by a survivor herself, Sanjeevani has helped more than 2,00,000 patients already. Sanjeevani is committed to work with 74000 under privileged cancer patients thru their various programs this year. Funds raised thu TMM 2021 will help them to work with additional 2000 patients thru one of their most intensive cancer care programs. SATORI - HOLISTIC HEALING AND WELLNESS PROGRAM - which focuses on helping cancer patients & survivors cope with their condition through the promotion of overall mental and physical well-being by strengthening their immunity and addressing negative mental constructs, including handholding throughout life by experts. It costs only Rs 5000 per patient, You are welcome to support - 5 patients by donating 25000/- - 10 patients by donating 50000/- - Or as many more as you wish in multiples of 5. Looking forward to your big support. Funds raised will help make PHENOMENAL change in lives of 2000 cancer patients and hold their hand for life.
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Its human nature to complain, i get that. However, they are some people who make it their profession. Complaining as a profession! If you talk to patients who come to the Satori program, they will make you forget your worries. They teach you how to live your life happily even when you are fighting something like cancer. I overheard a driver telling his friend how he informed the other neighbors that cancer isn't contagious when one of their neighbours was detected. That is awareness, that is what is needed. By profession I am a kindergarten teacher, however just last year, i decided to be part of Sanjeevani and help them bring a change in the society with regards to cancer.
My Fundraising Goal
` 0 of ` 500000


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Sanjeevani Life Beyond Cancer is an award winning registered Public Trust working for prevention and early detection of cancer and providing care, counseling and rehabilitation to persons fighting cancer. Our charter is to raise the bar of Cancer Care in India by navigating patients from Dis-‘ease’ to Wellness.
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