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Toybank's mission is to address developmental needs in lesser-privileged children through games, toys and play. Through our activities, we encourage learning, curiosity, and improved emotional, behavioural & social skills of each child – in other words, giving back the right to a wholesome childhood.

We are who we are today because of how play impacted our childhood. But millions of Indian children have no access to safe play. Our goal is to change that together. You can help me out by donating, sharing my fundraising profile, and running for Toybank yourself!

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I came across Toybank at KalaGhoda Festival and ever since was intrigued by their concept of developing a kid's cognitive and social skills with the help pf PLAY. Trying to give a child back their Right to Play is what stuck with me. Join me and help Toybank grow and reach to more kids to give them their right back too.

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The Opentree Foundation (Toybank)
'It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.' Toybank envisions a world where children are empowered through healthy play. It provides secure & happy childhoods for children who are at risk, so they are empowered to experience an equitable adulthood.
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The Opentree Foundation (Toybank)

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