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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2022

The lack of awareness regarding intellectual challenges amongst the young is perhaps the prime obstacle to bringing them aid and access to education and therapy. The Jai Vakeel Foundation has taken the initiative to overcome these challenges. Through their holistic approach, they have impacted thousands of lives – with free expert counselling, training workshops, medical camps and educational services. As of today, the Jai Vakeel Foundation kids have achieved plenty of impressive milestones, beyond just academics – shining in fields like art, music and sports. Thanks to the tools they’re equipped with, they’ve even gone for gold at the Para Olympics. The Jai Vakeel Foundation’s mission to nurture these special young minds and bring them opportunities to reach their full potential, resonates with me deeply. This is why I choose to run for them – and hope that you’ll run with me too. This time, my marathon run is a #RacetoRaise. Join me.
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As a workspace design entrepreneur and a passionate runner, I’ve learnt that we can all realise our dreams when equipped with the right tools. I recently learnt of the challenges faced by young ones with intellectual disabilities (ID) when a friend introduced me to the team at Jai Vakeel Foundation and the work they do for young ones affected by ID. I was immediately taken with both the cause and the sincerity they apply to building a better future for these children. Ever since I learnt of them, I became determined to help further their vision. I hope that the miles I run at the Tata Mumbai Marathon helps me do my bit for them. Press the ‘Donate’ button and let’s begin the #RacetoRaise our hopes for a better world.
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