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CHILDLINE 1098 is a national 24-hour free, phone emergency rescue service for children in need of care and protection. As of June 2019, CHILDLINE operates in 528 districts and 103 railway stations across India covering 72% of the country and handles 8-10 million calls a year. Those who normally call CHILDLINE are abandoned children, children living on the streets, children needing shelter, education, medical help, children working for a living, abused and traumatized children, mentally and physically challenged children, children needing restoration to families, children displaced by natural disasters, marginalized children etc. The children who call for help are visited within an hour of the call to ensure that their needs are taken care of and issues addressed. This may involve finding them a home, hospital care, schooling, restoration, rescue from abuse / exploitation and generally ensuring that they are safe and happy. I want to personally appeal to you to support CHILDLINE by making a donation and also forwarding this to your friends and family. This cause of children is very dear to me. I'm privileged to have a supportive family and friends around and I want to ensure every child in this country is also safe and protected.

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I'm 10 year old student of Rajhans Vidyalaya, Andheri Mumbai. I along with my mother are running this campaign to support CHILDLINE reach out to more children in distress, rescue them and help them find a safe environment. I'm using this opportunity to help other children who are in distress and in need of care and protection. Donate generously.

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Childline India Foundation
Childline India Foundation anchors 1098, a national, 24-hour, emergency free phone outreach service for children in distress, linking them to long term services for their care, protection and rehabilitation. CHILDLINE is present in 400 cities across the country.
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Childline 1098
Childline 1098
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