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Muktangan gives teachers the opportunity and confidence to thoroughly explore their subject matter, develop their creativity and their independent teaching styles. It has given women like me the opportunity to earn our economic independence and give back to our communities. Through an inclusive, quality education programme Muktangan is also ensuring a bright future for our children by providing them with the adaptive professional and social skills required to succeed and make most of the opportunities presented by the 21st century environment. Through its rural education initiatives Muktangan is now further challenging us to develop our own skills as educators and adapt our learnings to new contexts, and impact the spread of quality education to settings previously deprived of it.

Muktangan has changed my life for the better, now I bid you so support my campaign and help change the lives of 1000's like me.

About Me

I have worked with Muktangan for about 12 years now. I began as a teacher trainee and am now training my juniors as a teaching faculty at Muktangan's school science department. As part of my role over the last four years I have conducted training sessions for teacher professional development, curriculum design and lesson development. Muktangan have given me multiple opportunities to learn and grow as a teacher and a person and now I wish to give back. Please help me support the programme that opened so many opportunities for me and is now doing the same for my colleagues and community.

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2nd January 2019

Thank you for allowing the Oxford EMBA visit - it was really inspiring and great to see all the good work you're doing!

18th December 2018

Well done, and keep up the good work.

17th December 2018

Thank you so much for letting the Oxford S18 class visit your school - it was a pleasure to see the amazing environment you have created for both teachers and students!

Farida Bhathena
16th October 2018

all the best ... collect tonnes of money for muktangan

Sai Krishna Thota
16th October 2018

Keep up the good work. I know about your work and I am glad you are doing it so well!

Raising Money For:
The Paragon Charitable Trust (Muktangan)
Muktangan is an innovative, community based, child - centred & inclusive model of school and teacher education, taking place within the mainstream school system.
Supported By:
Matthieu De Carbonnel
Tatsiana Akhrymenka
Fan He
Sai Krishna Thota
Farida Bhathena

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