A pledge signifies a solemn and formal promise to make a commitment towards doing a particular thing. For World Earth Day 2021, you can pledge to do the following:

  1. Pledge to plant: For the future of the planet you can pledge to plant more trees and protect the earth from deforestation to combat biodiversity loss and climate change
  2. Pledge to volunteer: You can pledge to volunteer time and efforts to participate actively for conserving our environment through multiple activities.
  3. Pledge against single-use plastic: You can pledge to Refuse, Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Repair, Re-gift, Recover and Rethink plastic.
  4. Pledge to stop wasting natural resources: Our resources on the planet, such as water, land, green cover, etc. are limited. You can pledge to stop the wastage of these resources.

Please find your category in the list below and click the form link under the image to make your pledge:


I pledge to plant more trees
I pledge to participate in environmental volunteering activities


I pledge to keep my city clean
 I pledge to stop wasting natural resources