Myna Mahila Foundation

Anurag Business Center, 306, Third Floor, Waman Tukaram Patil Marg, Chembur East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400071 Tel.9619964286


Myna Mahila Foundation creates a network of young female entrepreneurs by partnering with self-help groups in urban slums that produce and distribute high quality, affordable menstrual hygiene products to increase adoption of safer menstrual hygiene management practices. We are creating a cultural revolution and generating local employment.


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We distribute menstrual hygiene related products, by educating women about their health and intimate care. Myna makes these high-quality products cheaply and readily accessible for every woman to buy and use from other women. Myna pads: Our pads are a local brand made by Indian women. Our pad packets are catered towards a consumer who wants high quality products at low cost and wants individual attention. We create networks of Myna Mahila entrepreneurs by not only providing a job for unemployed young women in slum communities, but also create a family where we take care of the girls professionally and personally, helping them grow as individuals and business women. We have four hygiene products. Three are sanitary napkins, and the fourth is a maternity pad brand. Myna Bags: Myna collects waste material from textile factories to make handmade bags. Myna employs local people from the community to create upcycled bags like Pad Pouch, Laptop Bag, Sling Bags, Vanity Pads which acts as an additional income source for community members.

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