Chirag Rural Development Foundation

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With no electricity, the one-room mud shelter 200-odd kilometres away from the bustling metropolis Mumbai has only a kerosene lamp for light – a sight so commonly seen in rural India where power remains unaffordable, inadequate, or simply non-existent for around 200 million people. Chirag Rural Development Foundation, under its flagship Project Chirag, has been providing solar electrification in dark villages across 9 states, namely Maharashtra, Rajasthan, U.P., Karnataka, Meghalaya, Assam, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh & Uttarakhand since 2010. While Project Chirag looks mainly at providing home lighting solutions for scattered houses that are not connected to the grid, along our journey of providing home lighting solutions we found that to truly catapult villagers out of poverty, they would need support in education, health and livelihoods, and we are now engaged in Integrated solar solutions for sustainable village development. Our Objective Solar energy which is available in abundance in India is used as a pivot around which rural transformation can take place by impacting homes, education, health, social security and livelihoods while simultaneously empowering villagers to make this change sustainable. Project Chirag looks forward to working in collaboration with other individuals and organizations and together see a ‘brighter’ future for India.


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