Mangrove Action Day, 2017

On the occasion of Mangrove Action Day UWM organised a Mangrove Conservation Forum on "Mangrove Conservation: A Collective Responsibility”, at the Coastal and Marine Biodiversity Centre in Airoli. The event aimed to bring together relevant stakeholders on a common platform to promote Mangrove conservation. The Forum also included the announcement of United Way Mumbai being allotted 20 Hectares of degraded wetland in Navi Mumbai by the State Forest Department, Government of Maharashtra, for mangrove afforestation (q.v. GR dated 3rd June, 2017).

The event saw the unveiling of UWM’s Mangrove Field Guide and the launch of our short animated film, titled Mangroves: The Shorekeepers of Mumbai; to sensitise students and citizens about the importance of Mangroves. To view the film, please visit the links below:

At the end of the Forum, winners of a Poster-making Competition were felicitated. The competition was organised on 21stJuly 2017, in partnership with Association of Teachers in Biological Science. The winners included 7 school and college students. A visit to the Coastal and Biodiversity Conservation Centre was the last activity. The Centre houses interesting exhibits on marine life, features of Mangrove forests and the measures necessary to protect coastal biodiversity.


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