Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2016

January 17th, 2016 saw the 13th edition of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon. The 2016 edition of the SCMM raised a staggering Rs. 28,13,26,522 for 286 participating NGOs. The amount was collectively raised by 157 corporates, fielding a total of 266 teams, 1,200 fundraisers and thousands of donors. A new category of "Young Leaders was created to encourage youth to be more participative in social causes. The 101 registered "Young Leaders raised Rs. 1,31,95,367 for their cherished causes. Fundraisers and Change Runners contributed a total of Rs. 8,05,07,892; Rs. 14,03,74,678 came from corporate and NGOs raised a total amount of Rs. 75,00,000 directly. The sponsors collectively raised an amount of Rs. 28,10,643, with Tata Consultancy Services raising Rs. 6,74,240 and the title sponsors, Standard Chartered Bank, raising Rs. 21,36,403.