Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2015

The 12th edition of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon took place on 18thJanuary 2015. This year SCMM surpassed its last year's achievement by raising a whopping Rs. 24,71,43,500 for over 290 participating NGOs. The amount was collectively raised by 152 corporates, 684 fundraisers and thousands of donors. This year, fundraisers and Change Runners contributed a total of Rs. 8,06,91,810; Rs. 11,54,61,402 came from corporate participation; Rs. 4,10,01,363 came from individual contributors; NGOs raised a total amount of Rs. 75,00,000 directly. The sponsors collectively raised an amount of Rs. 24,88,925, with Tata Consultancy Services raising Rs. 14,48,603 and the title sponsors, Standard Chartered Bank, raising Rs. 10,40,322.