Learning Enrichment Programme, 2019

Quality education is one of the founding pillars of a child’s development and prospective future. The Right to Education Act by the Government of India dictates that every child has the right to obtain primary education. The act also provisions for compulsory promotion of children to higher grades irrespective of the learning outcomes of the previous grade.

Multiple factors still hamper the quality and availability of education provided to children including migration and child labour, along with a lack of assessment of the child’s learning requirements. This leads to a high proportion of children dropping out of schools at an early age, which, in turn, results in low productivity in the future.

United Way Mumbai's "Learning Enrichment Programme” aims to improve the learning outcomes of children from areas where the need is highest and also build a strong educational foundation by providing remedial education in schools.

The project is currently operational through 3 government-run schools in the villages of Bherai and Kovaya of Rajula block and Bhankodar of Jafrabad block, Amreli district.

Project Interventions:

Remedial Education:

The Remedial Education programme is being conducted for children in Zilla Parishad schools as additional coaching and support to reach grade-level learning. The implementation plan is as follows:

Stakeholder Consultations, Community Mobilization and Parents' Meetings:

To ensure children continue their education in school and maintain good attendance, project team conducts interactions with parents of children, community members in the villages and local authorities such as members of the local village panchayat. Through these interactions, the team discusses the importance of education, interventions under the program and ways to improve parents’ involvement in their child’s education.


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