United for Road Safety

United for Road Safety, is a community impact initiative of United Way Mumbai which aims to address various aspects related to the promotion of road safety in Mumbai, India.

Two Wheeler Rider Training

One of the major interventions under this project is to work with youth for promoting safe two wheeler riding. This project has been powered by Castrol India Ltd. Under their CSR initiatives. The project started in July, 2015 aims to educate 2.5 Lakhs youth in safe two wheeler riding skills over a period of 2.5 years (i.e. July 2015 to December 2018).

Key activities under this project include:  
  • Training of youth in safe riding skills with a classroom session, on-wheel demonstration & on-wheel assessment (Expected impact: Training of 5000 youth). Innovative teaching methods are deployed and educational tools such as; drunken goggles, customized snake & ladder game, etc. are used to educate the youth. The trained youth are also given a trainee kit comprising of a pocket sized handbook on two wheeler safety, set of reflective stickers, bike/helmet shaped key-chain, participation certificate, etc.
  • Formation of Road Safety Clubs with trained youth as ambassadors of road safety to educate their peers (Expected impact: 100 Road Safety Clubs, 3000 youth ambassadors of road safety).
  • Road safety clubs to conduct awareness activities to educate and sensitize their peers on two wheeler safety (Expected impact: 500 awareness activities, and a total of 2.5 lakhs youth to be educated).
  • Training of Two Wheeler Trainers thereby equipping them with scientific know-how and resources for imparting safe two wheeler riding skills and knowledge to the new learners (Expected impact: Training of 200 trainers). As there is no formal two wheeler rider training institutes in India, one of the component of this initiative is to train 200 informal two wheeler trainers to improve their syllabus for two wheeler riders & to inform them about what should be the important instructions to incorporate in their training.
The project has received active support from other key stakeholders such as; Motor Vehicles Department (RTO), Government of Maharashtra, Mumbai Traffic Police, National Service Scheme- University of Mumbai and SNDT University, National Safety Council- Maharashtra Chapter and Nehru Yuva Kendra.

Impact till date: (July 2016 to October 2017)

Total of 125 safe rider training sessions have been conducted (in 79 city colleges)
3855 youth have been trained in safe riding skills (including college youth, new police recruits, community youth group members, etc.)
Total of 46 road safety clubs have been formed
Over 101 awareness activities have been conducted till date, educating over 7479 youth

UN Global Road Safety Week - "Slow Down" Campaign

Jeevan Doot

Jeevan Doot is a project, powered by Tata Motor Finance Ltd. to create a force of trained First Responders to provide emergency care to the victims of road accidents on Mumbai roads. With the Good Samaritans notification in place, the need of the hour is to create skilled Good Samaritans, i.e. Jeevan Doots, who can provide emergency care to victims of road accidents till the time professional aid arrives. UWM will be working alongside the Disaster Management Unit of MCGM, 108 ambulance service, Mumbai Traffic Police, Regional Transport Offices, Black & Yellow taximen, and various other key stakeholders.  In its pilot phase, the project aims to mobilize and train about 200 volunteers as First Responders near select blackspots in Mumbai, equipped with the first aid kit as well as knowledge of imparting first aid. This could be a mix of police, youth, community based volunteers, cab drivers, etc.

Respect the Stop Line Campaign

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UN Global Road Safety Week - "Slow Down" Campaign

Jeevan Doot