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Every one out of two children in India are affected by sexual harassment which adversely affects their life. It takes years of councelling and help for a child to get over this trauma and horror which has a very deep impact on the overall development of the child. Emotionally weak from inside after being victims to these horrendous acts children are not able to speak up about what they’ve gone through. I would like to help fight against this as steps must be taken to ensure the safety of children in our country. A donation for this cause would help the organisations efforts to ease the victims trauma. All donations will go towards this cause. Please click the donate button to contribute. Any amount is invaluable. Thank you!
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Hi, my name is Hannah, I’m 15 years old and I’m a student in grade 10 at the Cathedral and John connon school. I would like to help the organisation HEAL. I’m collecting funds to fight against sexual harassment of the children in our country.
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