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As a teenager, I can say that everyone in my age group has a dream. Dreams are imperative to growth. I dream of a life I want to live and have unending materialistic wants. But while saying 'dreams', I often forget nightmares are dreams too. How many children of our country, let aside the world are living a nightmare, craving to fulfil basic needs and smuggle for their right to education. While thinking of all of this, I realise how many times do I use the word 'I' in one day. So why not, for some time if I keep aside the letter ‘I' and help others, I can only possibly think of the change it will bring. A great person once said “We rise by lifting others”. So, here I am, supporting the Light of Life Trust which works towards providing a complete education to children. So please donate, spread smiles, put forward a helping hand and bring light in the life of a child.
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I am like any regular teenager who dreams and aspires for success. But in this journey to my destination, I remember and value all that I have and all those who have supported me. Self discovery is the highest form of satisfaction but in the pandemonium of teenage I haven't reached that stage yet. One thing I have realised is that smile is contagious and so is kindness. Putting a smile on someone else’s face and offering a helping hand leads to self fulfilment. Privileged people always have something to offer which someone needs. So I try to go out, offer what I have because materialistic things are the success of one person but compassion and kindness is the success of humanity as a whole.
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