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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2023

• Due to Covid 19 pandemic all most all our targeted families are thrown into a crisis all of a sudden. - As per our estimate 80% families have lost their livelihood options in terms of their jobs due to lockdown and uncertainty. 20% families have hope that they can return back to their jobs after lockdown. • School and college going students are at home however due to unavailability of internet facility at home are far away from digital learning space and hence might lose interest in studies and in the long run majority of them may drop out of the formal education system. Sparsha intervention needs following support 1. Food Supply: Supply of ration for 700 families for next 4 months: Sparsha wishes to distribute monthly groceries to selected families worth Rs. 1500/- 2. Care: Online training of selected 15 youth from local communities on health measures from experts on Covid 19 will be organized to select and track most vulnerable groups like elderly, pregnant women, new born babies, people living alone in the communities. They also will help in spreading community awareness on Covid 19 and thereby mitigating community transmission. Use of online seminars and meetings with youth groups will help us in tracking these cases on regular basis and thereby connecting with public health system for further treatment and care.
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I am studying in bombay Scottish school . during my social involvement program through school we have been teaching in Sparsha Center . There are so many girls who are in need of support for there education . Kindly support me to help them out to build there life ..
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