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We have dreams, sometimes we forget to live them. This is the place where once I had dream to become a person of my heart to another. And now I see myself at the place where I wanted to be. So, here I would love to share what I have received. As one of our foundational value says: "We do not label anyone as underprivileged or destitute. The fact that everyone is born on this planet makes us all privileged." So, others should not stop dreaming because they feel they can't achieve. And here I start my first step towards their dream by becoming a fundraiser. It's a great opportunity to contribute to someone else's life, knowing that it would help them evolve. Let's give a wing to others dreams.
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` 6000 of ` 20000
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About Me
I am Roshni Pal, Mentor at Touching Lives Welfare Trust. As a mentor this is my third year, I was a Community Leader and a student, before. It's been 10 years, I am connected with this space of Seva, Sadhna and Self Work. We want to connect with more people and together let's create possibilities for young children.
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"Good job Roshni, keep it up"
Sagar More
24th March 2021
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21st March 2021
"Used it in a good work "
21st March 2021
"Keep it up dear"
9th October 2020
My Fundraising Goal
` 6000 of ` 20000


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Touching Lives Welfare Trust
Based in Mumbai, with a Global Vision, Touching Lives is a non-profit organization working towards Learning, Healing, Art, technology and Life-Skills for the children and communities living in slums. Founded in 2003 by Sonia Mackwani with the value – ‘it is our need to serve than saying we are serving the needy’, the team of Touching Lives is guided by the mantras of Self-work*, Seva and Sadhana.
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