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A Nation's Quality of Life is determined by the quality of its education system and Muktangan strives to bring education quality to the mainstream. Muktangan belives in 'Education for the community, by the community'. They not only work with the children but also empower women from the same communities to be Educators in their schools creating a sustainablity in quality education!

I request your support in my endeavour to raise funds for Muktangan through the TMM 2019 to help every child get Quality Education. Any contribution you can make will go a long way in helping these women and children and secure a better future for them.

Please click on the "Donate Now" button on this page for a simple and quick process to contribute. All contributions are eligible for the Sec 80G benefits.

If you wish to contribute through cheque or other modes, then please call me on +91 9820196452 OR call my colleague Ketaki on 96191 85468 and we'll coordinate the rest.

About Me

I am Payal Maheshwari and I believe that every child has a right to Education! This cause is close to my heart as I have worked in this space for 10+ years. I supported non profits for many years and specially the ones with an eye on educational sustainability. I am supporting Muktangan because not only does it believe in Education we believe that every child deserves a Quality Education.

If we belong to a society it is our collective responsibilty to give is the ONLY way we can overcome our existing social challenges.

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The Paragon Charitable Trust (Muktangan)
Muktangan is an innovative, community based, child - centred & inclusive model of school and teacher education, taking place within the mainstream school system.
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The Paragon Charitable Trust (Muktangan)

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