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The beaches in Mumbai have been facing several problems such as pollution, overcrowding, and lack of proper maintenance. This has led to a decline in their overall quality and cleanliness. United Way Mumbai has been working towards beautifying and cleaning the beaches in Mumbai through Clean Shores Mumbai, which aims to raise awareness about the importance of keeping the beaches clean and to mobilize corporate and community volunteers to clean the beaches on a regular basis. Through Project Clean Shores Mumbai, United Way Mumbai strives to enhance the overall state of cleanliness and waste management at the shores of Mumbai through public-private partnership.
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A little about me, my only passion & motivate to life is “BE THE REASON SOMEONE SMILES TODAY” I love to bring SMILES in any possible way always (be a clown or be a mother or be the little kid next door who is stubborn to get that CUTE little SMILES). In this world where all are going through their own turmoil and pressures, running after various goals or targets, I try and give that 1 minute of pause to stop and take a deep breath and take a LOOK at the BEAUTIFUL souls and things around. HAPPINESS is in small things but sometimes small things are missed in life.
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United Way Mumbai
United Way Mumbai works in urban and rural communities across the country to identify and implement the most impactful solutions to community problems. We drive change in the areas of Education, Health, Income, Environment and Public Safety through evidence-based strategies and multi-stakeholder partnerships. Across all we do, we remain committed to SOCIAL IMPACT. DONE RIGHT.
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