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It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving. – Mother Teresa Today, there exists many a problem within our community, our nation, our world and one of the most prominent one being child education. Every day, as parents, when we step outside our house to see off our school going kids, we can often see some children moving around to pick waste from streets, children tagging behind to help their father, the local vegetable vendor or the laundry guy, or the maid’s kid that she brings along sometimes. Have we ever tried to think beyond the dry smile we give them occasionally? Have we ever wondered as why they are here and not in some school, like our kids? These are questions which might have crossed the minds of at least some of us. Children are the future of our Nation, our World and the fact that some of them are not in school, ought to give us sleepless nights. If that has not been the case and we are happily settled in our lives, at least now let us start thinking and doing something for them. We always talk about giving back to the society, now is the time to stop talking and start doing. Karunya Trust through its various programs sees the real need in this area and hopes to seed the value of education and health amongst the children in the streets of Mumbai. Through the effort of Gyansaathi, 100 % of the drop out children who joined the program have re-integrated into mainstream education within 6 months of joining the program. Gyansaathi have 4 operating centers and have enrolled 800 children since the past 6 years. Karunya Trust has made significant changes in the lives of the marginalized and poor through its various Child Focused Community Developmental programs. Testimonial:- Myself Asif Shaikh a Gyansaathi Student would like to share my Testimony. I used to pick up rags from the dumping ground, a dropout from school; I only liked hanging out with friends and had bad addictions. Gyansaathi came to my house, counseled me and made me understand the importance of education. Today I can read and write. Recently I completed my 10th STD and doing my college. I dream of becoming a Marketing Manager in a Corporate Company
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I, Dinesh Pillai would like to support Karunya Trust, because of the impact created by the trust in lives of many children from the streets of Mumbai. In the span of last 6 years Gyansaathi Project has brought 800 School Dropped out children to the mainstream education. Today, many children who didn’t even knew alphabets have passed their SSC examination and pursuing their higher studies. Many Dream to become Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Scientist, Corporate Employee etc. Karunya Trust is putting forth all efforts to eradicate our social issues, but they need our help to make their efforts bear fruits in all respects. Our support is crucial and important. I, through my Fundraising drive want many more children from the our society, our nation and our world to get the light of Education and achieve all their Dreams. “We make a living by what we get. Let us together make a life by giving a little of what we get.”
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