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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2023

Sponsor a (S)mile – Marathon Dear All, I urge you to please support me in fulfilling dreams of a few special souls through the esteemed NGO supported by me. ****Why Support NGO**** From what we get, we can make living; What we give, however , makes life - Winston Churchill Often we are not able to help others even if we intend to either due to time or other constraints. This is the best opportunity to extend a helping hand without investing much efforts. All you need to do is commit to sponsoring me. My part is a little tougher, I've committed to raising 500000 Rs for the NGOs listed above by completing the 13.1 miles (21.0975 km)- no matter how long it takes. Just in case you need a little extra motivation to sponsor me, here are a few reasons 1) You can sleep till late mornings/afternoon on 20th Jan 2019, while I will wake up at 2.30am. For running the marathon. 2) You can transform my sneakers into a money machine as I raise 38,167.93/mile. 3) Your donation is tax deductible eligible for the Sec 80G benefits. 4) If you sponsor me than I have no excuse to walk or to crawl and will run the entire 13.1 miles. 5) You get a beautiful smile from the special soul thanking you and blessing you Please click on the "Donate Now" button on this page for a simple and quick process to contribute. Thank you for your support!
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