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Isha Vidhya is a rural education initiative of Isha Foundation ( It has 9 schools in Tamil Nadu & Andhra Pradesh (India) with c.7000 children - 61% of them on full scholarship and rest on subsidised fees. Most of these children are first generation school goers. They have supported critical interventions in 60 rural government schools in TN benefitting 185,000 children.

Funds raised will be utilized for Scholarships for the students, classroom and infrastructure, Learning Aids, Computers,laptops, tablets, LCD projectors, School buses and towards the Govt. school adoption program in TN.

I am reaching out to you for your support and would appreciate any amount you can contribute towards this cause.

A few donation options are indicated below

(a) Full scholarship per child per year (includes tuition fees, books, school uniform, transport and

noon meal) INR 25,000 per child per year

(b) Sponsor a child's tuition fee and books for one year INR 14,000 per child per year

(c) Sponsor transport subsidy for a child for one year INR 5,250 per child per year

(d) Sponsor noon meal subsidy - INR 4,000 per child per year

(e) Any other amount - This will be used for infrastructure expansion � such as classrooms, toilet blocks, labs etc.

Humbly looking forward to your overwhelming support!!

Namaskaram 🙏

About Me

I'm an MBA student and also a volunteer at Isha Foundation. The change that Isha has brought by touching people's lives is extremely heart-touching. In the field of education, Isha Vidya is Isha's endeavour to provide education to those children who are bright lives but are limited by economic resources to pursue basic education.

I support Isha Vidya.

Animesh Rawat

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