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• Due to Covid 19 pandemic all most all Sparsha children are thrown into a crisis all of a sudden. - As per our estimate 80% families have lost their livelihood options in terms of their jobs due to lockdown and uncertainty.
• 20% families have hope that they can return back to their jobs after lockdown.
• School and college going students are at home however due to unavailability of internet facility at home are far away from digital learning space and hence might lose interest in studies and in the long run majority of them may drop out of the formal education system.
• Mitigation of drop outs from formal education system is an ongoing battle for Sparsha and Covid 19 crisis would be aggravating this problem. - Since slum population is multilingual, lack of awareness material in various languages has hindered the spread of awareness on preventive measures.
• Immediate needs of food grain and daily essentials are not met on time due to cash crunch.

Due to all the above reasons I would like to support them


About Me

I'm a Bombay Scottish student, I've been working with sparsha for the past two years and this year I would like to Support the families of sparsha charitable trust, because life doesn't differentiate between the rich and the poor.

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17th June 2020

Proud of you:)

Vidya Rai
3rd June 2020

Good work baccha.. Keep it up

Amay Hattangadi
29th May 2020

All the best Shreya Ravuri

Rajesh Dharamshi
24th May 2020

Keep good work continue

23rd May 2020

Keep up the good work!

Nagesh Vankadari
22nd May 2020

All The Best

Jaya Chakravarthy
22nd May 2020

Good work keep it up

18th May 2020

All the best!

Raising Money For:
Sparsha Charitable Trust
Sparsha Charitable Trust is a NGO based in Mumbai and aims to touch the nearby underprivileged providing access to basic human needs and help them to achieve better living circumstances. Our approach is to work together with parents and children of different poor communities in the area of Mumbai.
Supported By:
Srinivas Ravuri
Vidya Rai
Amay Hattangadi
Krishna Borkute
Rajesh Dharamshi
Jaya Chakravarthy
Nagesh Vankadari
Srinivas Rao Ravuri

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Sparsha Charitable Trust

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Sanitizers And Mask
Study Books Set For A Kid
One Month Food Grain For A Family
E Learning Students Phone Recharge For 30 Kids
Digital Class Tablets
E Learning ( Laptop For One Center )