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Isha Vidya brings quality education and upbringing to the most deprived class of citizens giving them an opportunity to break free from chains which would otherwise have kept them rooted to a life of hopelessness and hardships.
I, being a mother myself, know the importance of a good upbringing and nourishing diet.
I wish that every child should get this basic minimum care so that we raise a generation which is cared for and which in turn will grow up to care for many many others.
Please help me in my endeavour by donating generously.
Here I am, requesting you to fund a child's education by supporting my run. You can support by donating:
1. Full Scholarship - INR 25,000
2. Tuition Fee - INR 14,000
3. Transport Subsidy - INR 6,000
4. Noon Meal Subsidy - INR 4,000
The above sponsorship are per year per child. Please give generously yet know, No amount is small! You can donate as low as Rs. 100 to whichever amount you can.

About Me

I am a 40 year old, mother of 3 beautiful kids. I have lived a cherished life and have received the grace to give my kids an equally beautiful life.
I wish to contribute to the lives of many other kids through Isha Vidya which provides an opportunity to kids from deprived class to break free from an otherwise hopeless and difficult life.
I wish every child could receive the quality upbringing and a nourishing diet so that we raise a generation of humans who have been cared for and who in turn will care for hundreds of others.

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