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We live in a country where it is believed that goddesses are more powerful than gods. it is also believed that God resides in all of us then why is a girl who trying to achieve her dreams, be someone always pulled back down. Everyone has dreams but, the dreams of a little girl are cut at a very small age when she is forced into marriage or into supporting the household. through the windows of our society, all we see is the girl's success but never the struggle. they have been through and seen a lot more than what they show But I want them to have a real smile, not a fake one I want them to fulfill their dreams and hence I hope to raise the funds of Rs 25000 through Sparsha Charitable Trust for the welfare of hundreds of girls out there who are deprived of a basic need such as education and I wish for all of you to support me hurry up and donate!!!
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` 10400 of ` 25000

About Me
My name is Vedika Desai I'm a student studying in the 12th std of SIES College of arts science and commerce. I have always believed that education is a basic need and everyone deserves it regardless of their financial status or gender. and I hope that it's not long before everyone is literate and successful.
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"All the best Vedika for your cause."
Ajit Pattnaik
17th December 2022
My Fundraising Goal
` 10400 of ` 25000


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Sparsha Charitable Trust
Sparsha Charitable Trust is a NGO based in Mumbai and aims to touch the nearby underprivileged providing access to basic human needs and help them to achieve better living circumstances. Our approach is to work together with parents and children of different poor communities in the area of Mumbai.
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