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"No country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women & deprives itself of the contributions of half of its citizens." Michelle Obama This year, the world economy has been traumatized by the pandemic. The entire workforce has been affected, & none more than those already disadvantaged – the female workforce. Today, women in India account for only 19.9% of the total labour force (World Bank 20). Recent job stagnation & high unemployment rates for women, exacerbated by the Covid-19, also keep women out of the labour force. For this reason I am partnering with SEWA this year. SEWA (Self Employed Women's Association) is a member-based organization that has been working for almost 5 decades to improve the livelihoods of poor self-employed women workers from the informal economy. SEWA believes poverty is the worst form of violence & only productive work acts as a healer in such difficult times. SEWA supports members by creating social enterprises, cooperatives & collectives & through various initiatives using financial inclusion, technology, technical training, micro-finance, market linkages, natural resource Mgmt. etc. it reaches 1.9 Mn women workers across over 125 different trades in 18 states of India with the twin goals of full employment & self-reliance. Join me in my race to drive up SEWA’s employment efforts. With your generous support, we can help inch up that number one digit at a time. Remember no contribution is small, everything counts!
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Pay it Forward – this has been a grounding principle my entire life. Each of us have received innumerable benefits and blessings from others. While we can go back and thank and regard them, we can also pass on their blessings to the next person by paying it forward, and create a virtuous cycle of change. I have been running to raise funds for the cause of women empowerment every year and I fervently pray that this year you help my association with SEWA make a difference. Avid reader. Numbers breather. M&A leader. Language connoisseur. Iyengar shayar. IT trailblazer. Globetrotter. In addition, President Mobility Services Sector, Mahindra Group.
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56 Donor Messages
"Best wishes for the noble cause, Partha"
Amol Tawde
27th February 2022
"Best wishes to Mahila Sewa Trust"
Anil Khatri
18th February 2022
"Sir great initiative."
Deven M. Maskara
14th February 2022
"Keep the spirit moving "
Prince Augustiun
13th February 2022
"Partha - more power to you. Terrific initiative."
KN Vaidyanathan
11th February 2022
"From P Ramakrishnan - 98203 21084"
10th February 2022
"Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to such a noble cause. More power to you!"
Ashutosh Pandey
9th February 2022
"Sir I am supporting to help "
6th February 2022
"On behalf of my Son Anirudh for a good cause"
Suni NR
19th April 2021
"Hi Partha, May you continue doing this great work. All the best "
Sanjeev Churiwala
5th April 2021
"Keep up the good work"
Prateek Jain
1st April 2021
"All the best Partha for this noble cause."
30th March 2021
"Continue doing the work for the noble cause."
29th March 2021
"Keep the good work going, very happy to contribute in my small way to the initiative"
Soumya Sarkar
28th March 2021
"It's great initiative Partha. My best wishes"
Bishwanath Ghosh
22nd March 2021
"Kudos to your effort sir"
Patnaik MLN
18th March 2021
"Very Good Initiative taken by you Partha. Pl. keep going. Best regards Ashwani Mittal"
Ashwani Mittal
18th March 2021
"Always happy and proud to support all your initiatives Sir 🙏🏻"
Rashmi Nair
11th March 2021
"Hope you achieve your target very soon. "
Sudhir Mahale
10th March 2021
"Great going Partha......setting an example for others to follow "
Rajesh Jain
10th March 2021
"Truely appreciate your Initiative"
Senthilmurugan Balasubramanian
9th March 2021
"Hi Sir, So happy to be part of this noble cause. We are always with you "
8th March 2021
"Keep rocking!"
8th March 2021
"All the best Parthasarathy!"
Sathyanarayanan Parthasarathy
7th March 2021
"Happy to be with you in this journey"
Kurush Kapadia
5th March 2021
"All the best Sir"
Samir Bhor
5th March 2021
"Great cause"
Ranjana Singh
4th March 2021
"#educatetheGirlChild #Riser🌳 http://padayatchi.foundation/"
Shanmugasundaram Ganesan
4th March 2021
"Dear Partha, Great cause and truly appreciate your devotion to social causes"
Sanjay Joglekar
2nd March 2021
"Proud to be part of Noble cause !! "
Murlidhar Rao
26th February 2021
"Good cause."
24th February 2021
"Happy to be part of this noble cause. All the best Sir."
Rakesh Pawaskar
24th February 2021
"All the best, more power to you!!!"
Anand Raut
24th February 2021
"God bless you Sir!"
24th February 2021
"Great Cause Sir. Wish you all the best for another 1000 years of such drive... God Bless :)"
23rd February 2021
"Great initiative, Sir! More power to you & the women...."
Pallavi Ogale
22nd February 2021
"Wishing All The Best Of The Success For Sewa! Humbled To Be A Part Of Such A Noble Cause!!"
Neeraj Gupta
20th February 2021
"Best of luck!"
Harsh Kumar
20th February 2021
"Great Cause. Happy and Humbled to be able to contribute"
20th February 2021
"It's really a very good initiative, am happy to be a part of same"
Mohan Mahajan
20th February 2021
"Happy to be part of this good initiate sir "
Sripurushotham Venkatarao
19th February 2021
"Sir, It is great initiative, feel proud to be a part of it."
19th February 2021
"Good initiative"
Nickunj Nayak
19th February 2021
"Very good initiative. Keep up the good work and happy to part of the same. "
Ganesh Rapolu
19th February 2021
"It's a great initiative and I am proud to participate in it!!"
Ashutosh Pandey
19th February 2021
"We got the opportunity to do our bit in change with your initiative. Feeling proud right now!"
Srividya P
18th February 2021
"Happy to be a change agent in helping women reach the forefront of their careers. "
Abhishek Haridasan
18th February 2021
"Excellent initiative. Humbled to the part of this and feel lucky to be part of this through a friend"
18th February 2021
"All the Best Sir"
Richard De Souza
17th February 2021
"Applaud Partha's commitment to SEWA"
Sanjeev Aga
13th February 2021
"I feel humble to do my small bit hwew. No amount of appreciation is enough for you to devote yourself in this noble cause . Let the world conquer poverty , inequality and be happy place for all. "
Debu Bandyopadhyay
11th February 2021
"My small contribution"
Subramanian Krishnamurthy
9th February 2021
"All the best Sir!"
Vineet Bhansali
9th February 2021
"Bravo dear Partha. God Bless you! "
Jonathan Augustin
8th February 2021
"Great Initiative. Keep up the good work"
Chakravarthy Kannan
4th February 2021
"Best of luck"
Deepak Sevta
3rd February 2021
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Mahila Sewa Trust
Mahila SEWA Trust (MST) is a registered public charitable trust established in the year 1972. The main objective for MST is to undertake various trainings and capacity building activities for the development of the poor, informal women workers who are members of SEWA.
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