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Apne Aap Women's Collective has been working for a cause that I feel passionate about. Human trafficking is an issue not only in India but across many countries in the world. A number of women in India are a victim of this and are forced into prostitution. There are a number of people who are actively participating to promote the rights of these people. This NGO works not only to better the lives of the women but also work in providing education and care for their children. Everyone has a right of choice and live life as they wish to, unfortunately these people are given less or no choice and have less opportunity of growth due to various reasons of poverty, unfavorable environment conditions, etc. As this organisation strives to bring a change in their lives, I wish to contribute to their effort in some manner. Hence, in order to support them, the women and children, I would like to raise funds for this NGO and encourage them to continue their efforts in this field. I ask all my friends, family and relatives to support me in this and contribute any amount that would help these women and children for a better life.
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I am Bhagyalakshmi, a resident of Mumbai and a social worker by profession. I feel passionate about the cause that this NGO works for and would like to contribute for the betterment of the lives of these women and children in this organisation.
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