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Dear Supporters, I hope this message finds you well. In the realm of education, we believe that it serves as a powerful journey from darkness to light. At Light of Life Trust, we are driven by the conviction that education holds the key to eradicating poverty and fostering employment opportunities. Through our initiative, 'Project Anando,' we are committed to providing comprehensive support to underprivileged rural children who might otherwise become school dropouts. Our mission is to not only enable them to complete their secondary education but also to nurture their holistic development. Over the years, our unwavering efforts have touched the lives of more than 192,000 children across Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Odisha. Today, it brings us immense joy to witness the positive transformation - our educated rural youth are securing starting salaries ranging from ₹10,000 to ₹12,000, a stark contrast to the less than ₹5,000 earned by their parents. This heartwarming evolution has been eloquently captured by our parents in the phrase, "Light of Life, Way of Life." In pursuit of our vision, I am reaching out to you to seek your valuable support in raising funds for our cause. Our goal is to empower 1000 children who are part of the first generation in their families to access education. By contributing, you become an integral part of our mission to provide educational resources and break the cycle of poverty that has persisted across generations. Your generosity knows no bounds, and every donation, regardless of its size, is genuinely a blessing. Together, let us take a stand and collectively dismantle the chains of generational poverty. One life at a time, let us radiate the light of education, the light of employment, and ultimately, the light of a fulfilling life. With heartfelt love and blessings, Villy Doctor
My Fundraising Goal
` 1130363 of ` 10000000

About Me
Villy Doctor, the Founder Trustee of Light of Life Trust (LOLT) since its establishment in 2002, is driven by a compassionate mission to uplift underprivileged communities. Through LOLT, she has provided educational support, healthcare, and vocational training to over 19,000 children and young adults in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Odisha, and Madhya Pradesh. Her leadership has transformed the lives of rural women and children, empowering them with dignity and self-respect. Villy Doctor's dedication and vision exemplify impactful philanthropy and community development.
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23rd November 2023
"Best of luck "
22nd November 2023
" To break the generational cycle of poverty, one life at a time Light of Life Trust "
Jomling Masti
20th November 2023
"Light of Life …way of life"
Shruti Malgundkar
20th November 2023
"Light of life way of life "
Bharti Mahawar
20th November 2023
"Need your blessings Respected Mother. Thanks for providing us this platform to transform the lives of the Underprivileged Community children."
Bharat Machhi
20th November 2023
"For education "
20th November 2023
"Light of life "
Samadhan Thakare
20th November 2023
"Light of life "
Saiprasad Donadkar
20th November 2023
"For education "
Naman Rajput
20th November 2023
"Light of Life way of life "
Prakash Sawant
20th November 2023
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My Fundraising Goal
` 1130363 of ` 10000000

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Light of Life Trust
Light of Life Trust is an NGO registered under the Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950, works towards realising untapped potential of India's rural communities and empower them through its 2 verticals - Project Anando (Education) and Project Jagruti (Community Development).
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