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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024

There are nearly 240 million children with disabilities in the world and there are 7.8 million children with disabilities in India, constituting 1.7% of the child population. Several studies estimate nearly 10% of children in India have some form of developmental, physical or learning delay which is very high. Through our Early Intervention Program, we carry out the following activities: In 2014 we introduced this program for children with developmental delays (CwDs) as a pilot project. The services are rendered at the homes of CwDs using information technology which proved to be highly successful. We held an international conference in February 2020 which drew global attention. Through the help of Corporates and NGOs, we scaled up our program in 32 blocks in Tamil Nadu. Our objective was to make a difference in the lives of thousands of CwDs to reach their full potential by scaling the impact of our high fidelity, high quality, and cost-effective Enabling Inclusion® Solution through NGOs, Government, and Corporate participation. Through direct implementation and through NGOs we work in 5 states across India. We have so far screened 2,30,166 children, 8,355 children received services, 24,397 parents empowered, 12,314 workers trained, 1,80,580 people sensitized, and 2,211 assistive devices prescribed. In 2016 we won the Mobile4Good Award under the Health Category and subsequently from 2019 to 2023 we were honored with several international awards for our services. We license our Enabling Inclusion® app and model and share our knowledge through the Centre of Excellence and build partnerships with NGOs, Governments, Public-Private Partnerships, and through Training and Capacity building. Through direct implementation and NGO/government partnerships, we work in 5 states across India, with a few more national and international partnerships on the way. Dear patrons, as you know, nothing comes free of cost though we render our services free of cost to the CwDs. We need to raise funds to cover part of the expenses. We are therefore attempting to raise funds for this project through Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024 with a target of INR.50,00,000. We call upon you to kindly help us generously through this campaign to make the CwDs come out of their difficulties and join the mainstream society for a better and healthier India.
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I believe that disability is not a constraint but only a condition. I am myself a person with Muscular Dystrophy and having done my Chartered Accountancy am totally dedicated for the cause of disability and to the service of Amar Seva Sangam. Developing this organization as a preferred destination in disability management is my endeavor and sustainability and scalability are my challenges. under my leadership, several bold, innovative and successful initiatives were introduced. The latest being, our Early Intervention for Children with Developmental Delays using information technology and delivering services at the door steps of the CwDs on real time basis. This initiative has global recognition and we introduced our Enabling Inclusion App(R) with which we are working in 32 blocks in Tamil Nadu and partnering with 5 States in India and also working for global partnerships.
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Amar Seva Sangam
Amar Seva Sangam, established in the year 1981, is a sought after premier institution in the field of rehabilitation and development of differnetly able persons in our region. We help in integrating the disabled individuals with the society for improved living conditions in the villages.
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