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All our actions and thoughts are usually aimed at reaching that 'next' level in our personal and professional lives. Can we spare a thought for those who have similar dreams but do not have the resources or opportunities to achieve them. Karunya Trust works with such marginalized sections of the society, empowering them with education and professional skills; building their paths to progressive and dignified personal and professional lives. I have been associated with Karunya Trust for the past 9 years and have been hugely inspired by their zeal and enthusiasm that is helping an entire generation to move to the 'next' level that was probably unknown and seemed impossible for them to achieve. They are sincerely and dedicatedly taking an entire generation on a transformational journey by imparting education and professional skills training, making them confident of achieving their dreams and aspirations. I am sure you do feel like knowing more about the organization and what they do. Please visit their website to know more. Do not hesitate to be generous with your resources because remember not all are as lucky as you. Sharing is the only way we can fill this widening gap between the 'Haves' and 'Have nots' and help build an equitable society.
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I am an experienced software professional and a budding entrepreneur in the Techno Functional space. I have always wanted to be of help to those that are not as lucky as me, especially the under privileged children. Karunya Trust gave me a perfect platform to be able to help such children as one of their projects is Gyansaathi that helps rag-picking children by educating them and providing professional training to their parents. I have been immensely moved by their various projects and the positive impact on the communities that they are working with. The immeasurable joy that I experience by being a part of the journey of these children, their smiles and dreams keep me fuelled to walk along with them.
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My Fundraising Goal
` 10000 of ` 20000

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Karunya Trust
Karunya Trust, a registered NGO aims to restore the human dignity of the needy and the marginalized people, irrespective of the caste, creed and religion by addressing the issues of Education, Health, and Livelihood, Environment & Ecological aspects in the urban and rural areas of the 6 districts of Maharashtra.
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