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Education in rural and semi-urban India is so appalling that doing something about it has always been on my agenda. So I run and raise funds for Isha Vidhya and also volunteer my professional services to help them. Isha Vidhya runs 9 schools in Tamil Nadu and 1 in Andhra Pradesh. Besides they have also adopted 26 Govt. schools impacting over 8,800 students and 50 teachers in TN. Funds raised this year will be utilized for Scholarships, Classroom and Infrastructure, Learning Aids, Computers, Laptops, Tablets, LCD projectors, School buses in Isha Vidhya schools and for Govt. school adoption program in TN. Since Isha Vidhya schools are run largely by volunteers, the cost of fund raising is very low (<2%). Every rupee you donate will be put to effective use. No amount is small and you can even choose how your donation is to be utilized. Donations have tax benefits in India under Sec 80(G) and United Way of Mumbai will issue the receipts for the same. Join our campaign and gift an underprivileged rural child a future. Your contribution can transform the life of an underprivileged child. Visit for more information Watch 'A Volunteer's Story' at Or call me and I'll tell you my Isha Vidhya volunteer story :)
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` 5000 of ` 100000
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I am raising funds for education in rural India because I believe that it is only through education that we can help open doors - of the mind and materially for these underprivileged people. I'm doing this for for Isha Vidhya since 2009 because at least 98% of the funds we raise is used for the cause so I feel a sense of assurance that my effort of training and running and your contributions aren't frittered away. I've visited the school at Coimbatore and came away overwhelmed at what's being done there for the children. And I'm thankful that I had a good education and am in a position to do my best to help some less privileged children.
My Fundraising Goal
` 5000 of ` 100000


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Isha Education
Isha Vidhya aims to provide high quality school education to rural children who cannot otherwise access or afford it. The holistic, activity-based approach nurtures children's development beyond just academics, ensuring that students realize their full potential and learn in a joyful manner.
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