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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2022

20/20 was only synonymous as the game changer format of cricket. It changed the way we looked at the sport for over a century. The year 2020 has done to us what 20/20 has done to cricket. Changed the way we looked at life, in every sphere, professional or personal. It has changed our perspective to the various facets of what we do or aspire to achieve. Every year I run for the cause of raising funds for CPAA (www.cancer.org.in), a NGO that works extensively in the field of providing for the lesser privileged suffering from cancer. Year after year, the support from all my well-wishers has converted my hope into a resolve. I am privileged that you repose your confidence in me, as a medium to channelize your contribution to a good cause. The marathon has been delayed this year and is now finally taking place on 31st May 2021. Last year, I had the privilege of raising INR 1.14 crs., taking my total fundraising over the years to INR 3.70 crs. This year too I urge you to contribute whole-heartedly, be it your personal contribution or through the CSR funds of your company, towards a cause that is dear to me and am sure touches a chord in you as well. All contributions carry exemption as per the rules under Sec 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act.
My Fundraising Goal
` 10000 of ` 10000000
About Me
A career banker who has covered most facets of banking, I also am an avid runner. Banking gave me the social recognition that I have today and running gives me the fitness that keeps me energetic at 59 years of age. My personal best on running was a podium finish in my age category at Mumbai Marathon 2020. And I intend to keep bettering it. Running has also given me a platform of Tata Mumbai Marathon where every year I reach out to friends and family to help support my cause of giving back to society by raising funds for the NGO CPAA (Cancer Patients Aid Association)
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"All the best always. Have been proud to be associated with you all these years for a cause that i close to my heart. It is truly a joy to see your passion in everything you do!! "
Sumit Khaneja
23rd March 2021
My Fundraising Goal
` 10000 of ` 10000000


Raising Money For
Cancer Patients Aid Association
Cancer Patients Aid Association is a registered NGO working in the field of cancer since 1969. CPAA hand- holds the cancer patients by providing `Total Management` of the disease right from awareness, diagnosis, medical aid , diet aid, transportation to rehabilitation of the patients.
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Sumit Khaneja