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Dear Friends ,For the last eight years you have been supporting me in raising funds for the NGO Karunya Trust, which has been doing phenomenal work with underprivileged children. This year, in light of the COVID pandemic, Karunya trust engaged in providing support to families who lost their livelihood during the lockdown. Along with this the focus has continued in the areas of education, healthcare and shelter. Gyaansathi- the school for the rag picking children of Rafik Nagar, Govandi , has quickly adapted itself to the new normal. We now have online classes as well as recorded sessions for all our students. The vocational centre we started at Gyaansathi has become a source of income for the women in the basti as they stitched cotton masks to be distributed to police and other service providers across the city. We have also been supporting several children from the basti to appear for Std. Xth exams and get into the right colleges. These kids are now the role models in their basti and are encouraging others to attend school. The funds that we raise thru TMM will be directly used for this cause, without any intermediaries. What started out as a small dream is now a force that is transforming the lives of many ! You have been instrumental in this change.I therefore request you to contribute wholeheartedly and continue this good work.
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` 589500 of ` 1000000
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Hi, I am Nilesh Nandoskar. Banking Technologist during office hours and everything else after. I am into everything... books,music,movies,eating out, trekking, running,writing,lazing,not bathing and leaving sentences unfini...
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"Keep up the great work. "
8th May 2021
"Keep going, balley!"
Ramesh Subramaniam
14th March 2021
"Keep the good work going"
12th February 2021
"Be blessed"
Vinayak Shanbhag
8th February 2021
"Hi Nilesh, keep up the good work what you are doing ,happy to be part of it. All the best."
5th February 2021
My Fundraising Goal
` 589500 of ` 1000000


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Karunya Trust
Karunya Trust, a registered NGO aims to restore the human dignity of the needy and the marginalized people, irrespective of the caste, creed and religion by addressing the issues of Education, Health, and Livelihood, Environment & Ecological aspects in the urban and rural areas of the 6 districts of Maharashtra.
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