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Thalassaemia Major is a serious, genetic blood disorder which affects an estimated 150,000 persons in India. The disorder is diagnosed in the first year of life, and is characterized by the inability to produce appropriate haemoglobin. Lifelong blood transfusions, on an average every 3 weeks, is absolutely essential as the first line of management of Thalassaemia Major. Iron overload, which is a resultant of multiple blood transfusions, can lead to serious consequences. Medicines to take care of iron overload, form the second line of management of the disorder. Most patients (children) belong to poor families, and cannot afford the treatment. I wish to raise funds to ensure that access to treatment is available to all thalassaemia patients. They can then live with dignity as responsible citizens. The present scenario of Covid-19 has made the situation even more daunting for thalassaemia patients. There are question marks over availability of blood, travel to transfusion centres, access to medicines and leukocyte filters, travel to laboratories for medical investigations. Some of the patients who belong to families who subsist on daily wages need support for food rations and basic education. INR 50,000 can take care of the annual requirement of medicines and investigations of one patient.
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I work with Think Foundation; and would like to ensure that persons with Thalassaemia Major live a life of dignity. I interact with them, their parents, and their doctors, on a daily basis. And, I strongly believe that persons with Thalassaemia Major can contribute effectively to society, as responsible citizens, if they are given access to medical facilities. I seek your support in making a life-saving difference. Every contribution, big or small, will help
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